How to Beat Mammorest King of the Forest in Palworld

Beating Mammorest: King of the Forest can be one of your first true tests in Palworld. Here's how.

A Mammorest Pal attacking in Palworld
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After you leave Palworld’s starting area, you’ll encounter a massive elephant-like Pal. It’s level 38, absolutely huge, and can stomp you flat, but if you know how to beat Mammorest King of the Forest, you can add a powerful member to your party.

How to Beat Mammorest in Palworld

The Mammorest world boss wandering in Palworld
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It should go without saying, but you shouldn’t fight Mammorest when you first see it. Nor should you attempt to beat it when your party is anything less than level 30. I managed to take him down with a level 32 Lunaris and a team supplementing it, but even that was a close call.

There are two main things to consider when it comes to beating Mammorest: King of the Forest. First is its massive health bar. Mammorest has around 4,000 HP, and unless you already out-level it, you won’t be doing much to that bar with even your strongest attacks. Second, the three attacks at its disposal can easily chunk even the best mid-game gear.

Earth Impact is the biggest threat if you get close, as it’s a base 100 Power attack with a damage radius roughly as wide as Mammorest itself. This attack is the one reason I stayed well away from the boss Pal for the entire fight. The AoE can also send you and your Pals flying

Grass Tornado is deadly if it hits you, the two twisters it creates have light tracking and do a ton of damage-over-time if they hit you. You can dodge it by walking to the side.

Power Bomb is scary as the massive ball of light it creates can explode in the air above your head and one-shot, plus it lightly tracks. Walking to the side is usually enough to avoid it.

The mud shot isn’t too powerful and is fairly easy to avoid, but it can remove about half of a Giga Shield in a single hit.

If Mammorest charges you, it sends out a short stream of leaves that doesn’t deal much initial damage but has several little projectiles whose damage adds up quickly. You can bait out the attack by letting the boss get close to you and then running as soon as the animation starts.

Those are the only five attacks you need to watch out for, but Earth Impact is by far the deadliest. If you even think you see it coming, get out of dodge, recall your Pals, and wait for the attack to finish.

The Best Pals and Gear to Defeat Mammorest

Fighting the Mammorest world boss in Palworld
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Taking on Mammorest might be your first true test in Palworld. Unless you’ve fought some of the tougher world and dungeon bosses, this boss will be the first to show if your team can take on the game’s later fights. Again, I recommend going into the fight at no less than level 30 with a team of Pals you know can succeed in challenging encounters, especially those with Fire attacks. Here are the main Pals I used in my first win:

  • Main DPS: Lunaris, level 33
  • Substitute DPS: Bushi
  • Substitute DPS: Level 32 Helzephyr with the Flare Storm attack
  • Support: Level 32 Chillet and Relaxaurus

Support in this context just means the Pals were out. So my DPS units could heal up a bit and come back stronger. I never let any of my DPS Pals get below 30% health, and ultimately, it was the Helzephyr that finished the job with Flare Storm. The two fire tornadoes did unsurprisingly high amounts of damage to the Grass-type Mammorest.

As for my character’s gear, it was pretty standard for a mid-game setup. I wanted the strongest shield I could get, as well as the best possible armor and weapon available. Bear in mind that I haven’t been spec-ing for Attack and am more than happy to let my Pals do the fighting.

Here’s the setup I used to fight Mammorest:

  • Head Armor: Metal Helm
  • Body Armor: Metal Armor
  • Shield: Giga Shield
  • Main Weapon: Handgun

To be honest, I didn’t use the Handgun much. Its main purpose is to whittle away at a boss’s health bar when they’re already low. So long as I recall my attacking Pal before they KO the Mammorest, capturing it is a matter of time.

How to Capture and Cheese Mammorest

Mammorest: King of the Forest has a very low Capture Rate. Even at 37 out of around 4,000 HP, I could only manage a 10% capture chance with a Hyper Sphere, the best Spheres I had access to at the time. Ultra Spheres do significantly better. But you need some serious endgame materials — Carbon Fiber, Refined Ingots, and Cement — to make them. I saved up Hyper Spheres for a while, so the 10% for me was just a matter of patience and luck.

I did find a way you can cheese Mammorest. It might be somewhat particular to my setup and my first base location. I used an attack to launch the boss vertically, so it landed on top of one of my base’s buildings. It got stuck, broke its AI, and let my Pals deal without fear of reprisal.

The glitched Mammorest world boss in Palworld
Screenshot by GameSkinny

My base Pals also didn’t attack, as the Mammorest hadn’t drawn their aggro. You can pull off a similar cheese by building a structure near the boss’s stomping grounds. Then, try to launch the boss on top of it. Depending on the size of the building, it might be like trying to hit a needle with a haystack. But it can also net you the freest boss in Palworld.

And that’s how I would go about beating Mammorest: King of the Forest in Palworld. It’s an intimidating fight the first time you tackle it, but becomes much less so the more you win. If you’re looking for more content on the latest monster-catching-survive-em-up, check out our Palworld guides hub.

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