100% capture rate in Palworld.
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How to Increase Capture Rate in Palworld

Find out all you need to know about increasing your capture rate to 100% in Palworld.

Knowing where and how to catch Pals is one thing. You’ll want to know how to successfully catch your new Pals and get that success rate to 100% as often as possible. Here, I’ll tell you how to increase capture rate in Palworld.

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How to Improve Capture Rate to 100% in Palworld

Catching Pals is mostly straightforward. You collect or craft Pal Spheres and throw them at weakened Pals. However, I’ve encountered multiple instances where a Pal’s health is down to a sliver, and I still can’t get a 100% capture rate. I know I’m not alone, and no one wants to lose out on a rare Pal.

How to Change the Capture Rate Setting

Palworld defaults to standard difficulty. If you’re looking to ease some of the challenge, adjusting your world settings is a great place to start. You can change many aspects of the game, like capture rate difficulty.

  • Select “Start Game.”
  • Select your world.
  • Select “Change World Settings” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Custom Difficulty” and “Custom Settings.”
  • Increase your “Pal Capture Rate” to 2 for a maximum success rate.
  • Select “Ok” twice and confirm.
Palworld world settings menu.
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Upgrade at the Statue of Power with Lifmunk Effigies

As you play Palworld, you unlock various technologies. The Level 6 technology Statue of Power upgrades your capture rate. You stumble across these statues across the map, but you can build your own once you unlock the blueprint (x20 Stone and x10 Paldium Fragment).

Once you have the Statue of Power, you can offer it Lifmunk Effigies to upgrade your character’s capture abilities. Liffmunk Effigies are the small glowing green statues you’ll find hidden throughout the map

Use Stronger Pal Spheres

You start with the humble blue Pal Sphere. However, as you level up, you discover and unlock stronger Spheres that increase your odds of capturing rare and challenging Pals. Use these stronger spheres to increase your capture rate. Notably, higher-level spheres are more difficult to craft, so I suggest using them only on rare or upper-level Pals.

  • Pal Sphere
    • Level requirement: 2.
    • Recipe: x3 Wood, x Stone, x1 Paldium Fragment.
  • Mega Sphere
    • Level requirement: 14.
    • Recipe: x5 Stone, x5 Wood, x1 Ingot, x1 Paldium Fragment.
  • Giga Sphere
    • Level requirement: 20.
    • Recipe: x7 Wood, x7 Stone, x2 Ingot, x2 Paldium Fragment.
  • Hyper Sphere
    • Level requirement: 27.
    • Recipe: x10 Wood, x3 Ingot, x3 Paldium Fragment, x2 Cement.
  • Ultra Sphere
    • Level requirement: 35.
    • Recipe: x5 Paldium Fragment, x2 Cement, x5 Refined Ingot, x2 Carbon Fiber.
  • Legendary Sphere
    • Level requirement: 44.
    • Recipe: x10 Paldium Fragment, x5 Cement, x5 Pal Metal Ingot, x3 Carbon Fiber.
Palworld mega sphere in a character's inventory.
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While increasing your capture settings will help you out big time, you’ll still need to progress through the Pal Spheres to ensure that 100% capture rate in the late-game. That sums up how to increase your capture rate in Palworld. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our guides library, like how to get a flying mount, how to heal pal fractures, and more.

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