How to Beat Minthara, Ragzlin, and Gut in Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp

If you're having trouble at the Goblin Camp, here's how to defeat Minthara and Ragzlin in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Whether to start the Ragzlin, Gut, or Drow fight first is one of the first major choices in BG3. The next challenges you’ll face are defeating them. I’ll give you tips and tricks to make these three fights drastically easier. Here’s how to defeat Minthara and Ragzlin in Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp.

The Easiest Ways to Defeat Minthara, Ragzlin, and Gut in Baldur’s Gate 3

Whether it’s Priestess Gut, Boss Ragzlin, or the Drow Minthara, none of the Goblin Camp fights are hard by themselves. The problem is defeating all three in a single rest while dealing with goblins in between. Luckily, there’s an easy way to tackle each fight.

How to Deal with Drow Minthara in BG3

Minthara is the most isolated boss of the three in the Goblin Camp. She’s located in her office with several goblin bodyguards. However, the Scrying Eye roams close to her location, summoning back up in the fight. I highly recommend bringing these to the Minthara fight:

  • A Fighter or Barbarian like Karlach or Lae’Zel to lock down Minthara with melee.
  • A Thunder damage spell like Thunderwave or Chromatic Orb (Thunder). This will instantly break the Scrying Eye and stop it from summoning back-up.

Before starting the Minthara Golbin Camp fight, cross the bridge to Minthara. Position your ranged characters away from her, and split your melee character to walk them up to her separately. Here, I enter Turn-Based mode.

I then use one of my ranged characters and manual targeting to cut the two ropes holding the bridge. This stops additional goblins from reaching you from the other side of the bridge. 

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Now initiate the fight by targeting Minthara with your melee character (or, better yet, a hidden Rogue with Sneak Attack). While her Paladin Divine Smites can output high damage, she has low AC. Just focus-fire while she’s locked in combat with your Fighter or Barbarian.

If you don’t mind cheesing the game to kill Minthara in the Goblin Camp, you can also easily defeat her another way. Talk to her and agree to attack the Druid Grove.

Then, enter Turn-Based mode as soon as she reaches the center of the wooden bridge. Shoot the ropes holding the bridge. I wouldn’t do this if you want her loot since her body will be lost.

How to Easily Defeat Ragzlin in the Goblin Camp

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Ragzlin is a slightly tougher fight Goblin Camp fight than Minthara. He has many Goblin allies to help him. Still, there are two ways to make this fight much easier and reduce their advantage. You can tackle the fight in two ways.

Death From Above: Bring ranged characters like Rogues, Sorcerers, Rangers, or Warlocks. You can also bring melee characters with Javelins and consumables like Smokepowder Bombs, Grease Bottles, and Alchemist Fires. Position your party on the larger rafter platforms above, placing two on each side.

Go into Hide mode, and shoot the Goblins down from above. They’ll have difficulty reaching you quickly once you get a Surprise round.

I often bring a tank, like a Shield-wielding Fighter or Barbarian, positioning them below the nearest ladder to prevent gobbos from easily reaching my artillery.

Explosions/This is Sparta: Alternatively, I’ve also defeated Ragzlin easily by moving explosive barrels from the Zhentarim locked room to him. With them close by, use a fire spell or fire arrow to blow him up.

You can also try to lure him next to one of the holes using Minor Illusion, then push him into the hole with spells like Thunderwave, the Arrow of Roaring Thunder, or Void Bulbs.

Another universal tip I have is using the Disarming Attack from a Battle Master Fighter or the Cleric’s Command: Drop spell to make Ragzlin drop his Faithbreaker. You can then pick up the weapon by placing it in your pouch.

How to Quickly Defeat Gut in Baldur’s Gate 3

Surrounded by her zealot Goblin warriors, Priestess Gut might seem like a hard fight. However, there’s an easy way to beat her. Convince her to take you to her private chamber. Choose these dialog options after she offers to brand you.

  • “Why should I let you brand me?”
  • Refuse the brand (no consequence); accept the brand (equipment options later).
  • “Push deeper into her mind.”
  • “Can we talk privately? This is a sensitive matter.”
true soul gut speaking in baldur's gate 3
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Follow her into her private chamber. Close the door and surround her with your melee attackers. Have ranged ones standing close by. Don’t engage in dialogue.

Simply enter Turn-Based mode and initiate combat by attacking her with a hidden Rogue with Sneak Attack, your strongest melee attacker, or a powerful spell. 

I use burst damage builds here, such as Gloom Stalker Rangers or Battle Master Fighters with Menacing Attack. Alternatively, Hold Person works marvelously if she fails her saving throw. In any case, you have one round to burst her down before she calls for reinforcements.

If you can kill her fast enough, that’s the end of the fight. If not, goblins will enter the room. Let them come into the room; you don’t want the Zhentarim Merchants to see you fighting, or they’ll join the Goblins in the fight.

Should You Fight Ragzlin, Gut, or Drow First in Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp?

So should you kill Priestess Gut, Boss Ragzlin, or the Drow first in the Goblin Camp? I prefer starting with anyone but Ragzlin. Fighting him aggros the entire camp. So start with Gut or Minthara.

My preferred order is isolating Gut in her room and killing her with Hold Person. Then, I fight Minthara before finally confronting Ragzlin. The Goblin Camp boss fights are an excellent place to use Lump’s War Horn if you’ve convinced him to help you in the Blighted Village.

Where to Find Goblin Camp Bosses in Baldur’s Gate 3

shattered sanctum goblin camp map in baldur's gate 3
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Gut, Ragzlin, and Minthara are close enough to easily reach but far enough not to aggro each other. Minthara is in the northeastern portion of the area. Ragzlin is just west, in the upper northern portion of the area. And Priestess Gut is in the lower middle of the area.

That concludes my guide on how to defeat Minthara and Ragzlin in Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp. Good luck, especially if you aggro Ragzlin! For more BG3 guides, check out our article on the 10 best BG3 shields or the best corpses to cast Speak with Dead on (hint: it’s none of these).

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