Follow our step-by-step guide, if you want to know how to beat Muck and the final boss.

How to Beat Muck and the Final Boss, Bob the Dragon

Follow our step-by-step guide, if you want to know how to beat Muck and the final boss.

The new Update 3 for Muck introduces a storyline that players can complete by repairing a ship and defeating the final boss, Bob the dragon. This storyline is completely optional, so you can skip it if you want to keep playing Muck otherwise.

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If you want to beat the game, then this guide will show you how to do it and how to beat the final boss in Muck. Just follow the steps listed below and soon you will be on your way to victory.

How to Beat Muck

Typically players would need to find a special map that is a random common drop in any of the green chests. This map shows the location of the shipwreck and the locations of the five gems required to fix it.

But you can simply use the seed 221294511 and follow the map you can see just above. This will save you some time since you won’t be searching for maps, unless you want to play specifically in your own unique generated world.

Step 1: Defeat the Guardians

The Guardians (locations indicated by five color markers on the map) are five new bosses that need to be defeated. Each of them will drop one of five required gems for fixing the boat’s engine.

Each Guardian can be defeated using melee weapons, such as swords, or a bow. If you can obtain the Gronk’s Sword or an Ancient Bow, the fights would be much easier for you.

Look out for three types of attacks, when dealing with Guardians:

  • The Haymaker: Guardians will try to punch you at a close range, so keep a healthy distance.
  • The Beam: Guardians will shoot a laser beam at a medium range. You can protect yourself from it by hiding behind the trees or by using a shield.
  • The Undercarriage: Guardians will summon many laser beams from the ground, so try to avoid these by jumping backwards.

When you defeat the Guardians and collect all five gems, you can start working on the ship itself.

Step 2: Repair the Shipwreck

Before moving to the location of the shipwreck (indicated by the ship marker on the map), you need to collect some resources.

Here is a complete breakdown of all resources you need collect for the ship:

  • Two Broken Ladders: 30x Wood
  • Five Holes: 30x Wood
  • Engine: 12x Iron Bar
  • Engine Base: 7x Obamium Bar
  • Rod (Engine): 7x Adamantite Bar
  • Five Cogs (Engine): 25x Iron Bar
  • Ruby (Engine): 14x Ruby
  • Gems (Engine): 5x Gem
  • Core: 1x Ancient Core
  • Mast: 20x Dark Oak Wood
  • Sail: 13x Flax Fiber, 5x Rope
  • Eight Supply Crates: 80x Wood, 60x Rock, 30x Wheat, 10x Raw Meat
  • Stairs: 15x Fir Wood
  • Hut: 15x Oak Wood
  • Ship’s Wheel: 8x Dark Oak Wood
  • Gold Pipes: 10x Gold Bar

Collect all these materials before repairing the ship, so you can finish the fixing itself in just a few minutes and continue on with the storyline.

Step 3: Beat the Dragon

When your ship is fully repaired, you can sail it out into the sea. Pretty soon the final boss of the game, named Bob the Dragon, will appear out of the water.

This boss battle has three main phases:

  1. Bob will fly around the ship, shooting fireballs at you
  2. Bob will land on the side of the ship, slamming it with his fists
  3. Bob will shoot a flame of fire out of his mouth, moving across the ship

In the first phase, it is recommended to use bow and arrows. The strongest bow is Ancient Bow with Elemental arrows. Once you deal a certain amount of damage to him, Bob will land on the ship.

In the second phase, it is advisable to hide inside the ship, and keep shooting him with your arrows from a distance. When he gets really angry, he will start burning the ship.

In the third phase, you need to dodge the flames by running and jumping over them. You can keep using bow during pauses, or you could approach and hit him with your sword.

In either case, you need to deplete his life total, which varies depending on your level. Once Bob is dead, you will get a Victory banner, congratulating you with the end of the game.

Now you know how to beat Muck and the final boss. For more Muck tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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