How to Beat Superman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Find out how to defeat Superman in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League here.

Superman dying in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
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Suicide Squad KJL has its fair share of boss battles. To little surprise, Superman is the most difficult in Metropolis. You must defeat him to progress in the main story, and the fight is guaranteed to challenge you. Here’s how to beat Superman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Best Tips and Tricks to Defeat Superman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad stays true to its name, making you kill the Justice League one by one. After tackling The Flash, Batman, and Green Lantern, you’re tasked with taking down Superman once and for all. The fight is the most difficult among the bosses, but once you understand his mechanics, beating him is easy.

The TL;DR of beating Superman is using the Gold Kryptonite to keep his Crit Meter filled. Stay 100% focused on that, and you’ll defeat him quickly. However, I provide more in-depth details on his attacks below, as well as offer several tips to make the fight even more manageable.

Superman Fight Tip #1: Take the High Ground

While The Flash is quick on his feet, Superman is fast in flight. So, pinning him down proves difficult. If you’re used to fighting at street level, change it up for this one. In fact, I practiced my aerial traversal and attacks ahead of this fight, assuming that the Man of Steel wouldn’t just stay on the ground.

Superman constantly soars through the arena, so you’ll have the greatest advantage if you find the high ground. You can utilize your character’s traversal abilities to do this. For example, I main Harley Quinn, so I used her grappler Drone to gain height on Superman throughout the fight.

Super Man Fight Tip #2: Dodge Superman’s Special Attacks

Superman packs some pretty intimidating moves. He rotates through six abilities throughout the fight. It’s a fast-paced battle, so you’ll want to be prepared for anything and everything he throws at you.

  • Frost Beams
    • Lasers he shoots from his eyes. I recommend using the architecture in the arena for cover.
  • Laser Beams
    • Lasers he shoots from his eyes. Again, use the architecture.
  • Vehicle Toss
    • Superman flies near you and hurls a large vehicle in your direction. I run away from this attack, dodging from one side to the other, before finding cover.
  • Explosive Ice Crystals
    • Superman deploys large ice crystals throughout the arena. Eventually, they trigger as explosives. Shoot and destroy all of the ice crystals to avoid this.
  • Craze Fog
    • The Craze Fog is a large green fog that Superman deploys as an AoE attack wave. The easiest way to avoid it is by using a traversal ability to get above it. 
  • Nuke Explosion
    • The Nuke explosion is the most dangerous ability. However, you’ve got time to dodge as he charges the attack. Get outside of the yellow area before the explosion triggers.
Harley Quinn during the Superman fight with ice crystals in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.
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Superman Battle Tip #3: Use the Counter Mechanic

You get Gold Kryptonite before your battle with Superman. Use the Kryptonite as a Counter Attack to weaken Superman so your regular attacks deal critical damage. However, you can only use the Counter Attack (L2 and R1) directly after Superman does a special attack move

A prompt appears around him that directs you to use your Counter ability. After any of his abilities, fire a Counter shot and hit him with the Gold Kryptonite. However, I learned the hard way that it’s best to avoid the Nuke Explosion ability at all costs.

When you hit Superman, a critical damage meter appears underneath his main health bar following your first Counter attack. To defeat him, get the Crit meter to 100% and keep the pressure on him. The meter slowly drains, so stay vigilant and aggressive. My final attempt was only a few minutes long because I stayed focused on the Counter mechanic.

Superman Boss Battle Tip #4: Destroy and Loot the Ice Crystals

Health is a precious resource in the Superman fight. All of his attacks are incredibly punishing, and shields are a rare resource. Throughout the entire boss fight, Superman deploys large Ice Crystals that eventually explode. Destroy these Ice Crystals before they explode to get guaranteed ammo — and possibly a shield recharge. When you get overwhelmed by Superman, I recommend quickly blasting through some Crystals to recover.

That does it for how to beat Superman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. As long as you stay quick on your feet and keep the critical damage consistent, you’ll defeat the Man of Steel in a pinch. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our SSKJL guides hub, like how to craft legendary and notorious gear, how to check your mailbox, and more.

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