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How to Check Mail and Access the Mailbox in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Find out how to check mail in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League here.

It won’t take you long to notice a little envelope letting you know you’ve got mail in Metropolis. But where does a member of the Suicide Squad check their mailbox? It’s not like these trained killers have some humble abode to return to. Here’s how to check mail in Suicide Squad KJL.

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Where to Find and Check the Mailbox in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

If you’re like me and hunting for a mailbox in your menu, you’re looking in the wrong place. I spent way too long looking for this and was constantly perplexed while grinding out XP and completing story missions. But I finally found the solution.

The only place to check your mailbox is at the Hall of Justice at the Superman stand. You find the Hall of Justice located in the southeast corner of the map (but you knew that already). You must progress through two door scans to make it into the main area. The Superman Mailbox is located directly to the left as you walk into the Hall of Justice base. It’s right next to the Penguin’s shop, where you can craft gear and reroll using Overhaul.

Suicide Squad kjl Harley Quinn standing in front of the Superman Stand in the Hall of Justice.
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How to Check Mail in the Hall of Justice to Read Messages, Get Pre-Order Items, and Find Down-Time Luthor Coins

To check your mail, approach the stand and select the action (Square on PS5 or X on Xbox) to open your inbox. You can then read any letters you may have. If you purchased the Deluxe edition of Suicide Squad KJL, you’ll find letters detailing your bonus loot and any pre-order gifts.

Additionally, if you were affected by the downtime on day one of Early Access, you may find 2,000 Luthor Coins waiting for you. Rocksteady issued the coins as a sign of good faith to Deluxe edition purchasers. The Luthor Coins are worth $20 and can be used to purchase in-game cosmetics, so be sure to check your mail if you think you were affected. Once you’ve got your Coins, you can head to your main in-game menu to access the store and all available cosmetics.

But that’s how to check mail and find your mailbox in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. We’ll likely see more notices from Rocksteady appear in-game, so it’s good to keep your eyes peeled for more mail. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our SSKJL guides hub, like how to dodge roll and slide, as well as where to find every Riddler Trophy location and Riddle Scan solutions.

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