How to Buy a Ship in Sea of Thieves

You've got to have your own ship in Sea of Thieves before you can call yourself a captain.

You've got to have your own ship in Sea of Thieves before you can call yourself a captain.

One of the main core mechanics of Sea of Thieves is that you can be the captain of your ship. The question remains, how do you buy and get your own ship in Sea of Thieves?

How do you buy a ship in Sea of Thieves?

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Before you become the captain of your adventure in Sea of Thieves, you first need to buy a ship. It’s fairly easy to buy a ship, and here’s how:

  1. When you start a game, you’ll end up at the “Select Ship Type” menu.
  2. Instead of selecting one of the three available ships, you select “My Ships.
  3. You can buy either of the three ships available.
    1. Sloop–  250,000 gold (one to two crew size)
    2. Brigantine–  375,000 gold (two to three crew size)
    3. Galleon– 500,000 gold (four crew size)
  4. You can buy one ship of each size. However, if you want to buy another ship of the same size, you first need to reach the ship rank of Legendary on the ship size that you want.

Perks of being the captain in Sea of Thieves

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Buying ships arrived in Season 7 of Sea of Thieves, a long-awaited feature by fans. Being a captain of your ship brings many perks for the players in Sea of Thieves. Here are some of them:

  1. You can customize your ship to your liking.
  2. You can name your ship as long as it’s 1 to 20 characters long, does not contain any numbers or certain special characters, and does not start or end with space.
  3. As the captain, you can purchase resources for your ship.
  4. If your ship gets any battle scars, you’ll have the option to retain them or restore them to its pristine condition.
  5. You can save cosmetic changes to your ship.

Considering this feature is relatively new to the game, we can’t wait to see what the developers will implement in further patches of Sea of Thieves. Who knows, maybe future patches introduce more mechanics to captaincy like recruiting more crew members or taking over and being the captain of two ships at once. Check out our other Sea of Thieves guides here on GameSkinny.

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