How to Capture the Rarest Mortys in Pocket Mortys

Can't manage to nab a Morticia, Sun Morty, or Sexy Devil Morty? We show you how to acquire all the best entries in the Morty Deck!

Can't manage to nab a Morticia, Sun Morty, or Sexy Devil Morty? We show you how to acquire all the best entries in the Morty Deck!

The number of Mortys to beat down and capture with a manipulator chip just keeps on growing with each new update to Pocket Mortys, but some Mortys are more difficult than others to find and tag.

Most Mortys can be acquired by spending those precious Blips and Chitz tickets — but it’s a randomized prize process, so that’s not a particularly efficient way of acquiring a large Morty Deck unless you have some cash to burn.

Below we cover how to nab all the rarest Mortys, or those that have difficult methods for acquiring outside the norm. While trying to catch any of these rare Mortys, there’s one strategy worth keeping in mind, even though it is technically “cheating.” Pocket Mortys auto saves regularly, but not constantly — so if you mess up and accidentally kill the Morty you are trying to capture in 1 hit (or it destroys itself with an Implode attack), you can shut down the app and restart for another chance.

At most you will only be a minute or two behind where you previously were located, and that rare Morty should be back in the wild and ready for another capture attempt.

Keep in mind that any Morty numbered 179 and up is currently only available for those who got on the multiplayer beta, so if you can’t find those Mortys yet, they won’t be available for you until the new multiplayer update rolls out to everyone. (To see which number Morty you’re going after, check out our complete list of all Mortys in Pocket Mortys for all the info you need.)

 No Beta? No Mortox!

Finding Rare Mortys in Pocket Mortys

About 20 or so Mortys are either designated as “rare” (meaning they spawn in dimensions less often than other Mortys), or they require very specific methods for capturing that are a little outside the norm.

Those that spawn less frequently (although due to sheer chance they may still show up for you on your first visit to a dimension) are: 

  • Mortys 68 – 79
  • Mortys 100 – 101
  • Morty 111
  • Mortys 115 – 116
  • Mortys 157 – 158
  • Morty 165
  • Morty 178
  • Mortys 182 – 183
  • Mortys 187 – 188
  • Mortys 192 – 193
  • Mortys 197 – 198 

For most of these Mortys, there’s no real trick to capturing them other than continuously exploring dimensions. If you don’t find the one you’re looking for but don’t want to increase the difficulty on the next go around, don’t defeat the trainer and get the badge — instead, lose a battle or use a courier flap to return to the Citadel. Then enter the portal again for a new batch of randomized Mortys to find.

There’s more than just rarity to consider however, as some Mortys only appear in the wild after you have reached a set amount of badges. For instance, the highly sought-after female Morty named Morticia will only start spawning after you’ve earned 45 badges, and the family-obsessed Jerry Morty will appear after you’ve earned 17 badges.

If you just can’t seem to find one particular Morty you are after no matter how much you explore, try beating a few trainers to earn some more badges first.

 Want Cronenberg Morty? You Need 40 Badges First!

How to Get One True Morty and Power Level Egg Mortys

Egg Morty is acquired by completing the “New Chef In The Rickchen” quest by giving a Purified Fleeb to Masy Kallerax after acquiring eight badges.

The only problem is that Egg Morty has no attacks, so getting him to hatch into the One True Morty by reaching level 20 is a massive pain. There are four main methods for leveling up the Egg Morty to finally get your One True Morty.

Egg Morty Leveling Method 1

This is the most tried and true method, but its also very slow and will cause you a few headaches. All you are doing here is placing Egg Morty at the top spot of your group so he always pops up first during any battle.

As soon as the battle starts, just swap to a different Morty. The Egg Morty will acquire a small amount of experience each time you do this, even though he doesn’t deal any damage. It will take a long time, but eventually you’ll gain levels.

The downside here is that you have one less Morty in your group to actually fight, and your other Mortys will take more damage because the enemy will get to attack first when you switch away from Egg Morty.

Egg Morty Leveling Method 2

Although this takes even more time, it has less of the headaches than the previous method. Simply put your Egg Morty and a group of lower level Mortys together at Boot Camp and send them out.

It takes a full 24 hours per Boot Camp expedition, but Egg Morty will level each time — and you won’t lose out on having a full group of Mortys for exploring dimensions.

Egg Morty Leveling Method 3

Have lots of Mega Seeds on hand? Combine them together to create Level Up Seeds and use them all on Egg Morty. Its unlikely you’ll get him all the way to level 20 using this method, but it can sure shorten the waiting period while using the other methods.

Egg Morty Leveling Method 4

This is the most efficient method possible, but it does require very specific circumstances. You’ll need a Mr. Meeseeks box and enough badges to be ready for a new Council of Ricks battle. Put Egg Morty anywhere in your group besides the top spot, and beat all of the enemy Rick’s Mortys except for the last one.

When you get to the last fight, switch to Egg Morty and immediately use the Mr. Meeseeks box to win the battle. Your Egg Morty will earn experience as though he beat all the enemy Mortys, and several level ups are guaranteed!

 The One True Morty

In all likelihood, you’ll end up using a combination of all four methods, since its unlikely you’ll immediately be ready to go with a Mr. Meeseeks box at a Citadel battle.

No matter what method(s) you use, keep grinding and eventually you can enjoy your One True Morty!

How to Get Sun / Moon Morty

Hands down, these are the most annoying Mortys to acquire in Pocket Mortys. Not only do they spawn rarely, but they also make it next to impossible to acquire.

Normally you’d damage a Morty into red health so the manipulator chip has a higher chance of working — but that’s not possible here, as both of these Mortys immediately use Implode and kill themselves on the first turn!

When you see a Sun or Moon Morty in the wild, first pull up the Salesman Rick’s screen and buy a manipulator chip. Then on the first turn of battle, immediately use the chip even though the Morty is at full health. At a full green health bar, there’s an incredibly slim chance of the chip working, but this gambit is the only way to actually capture one in the wild.

Don’t forget — if it doesn’t work, you can always shut down the app and start again. It may take 10 or 15 tries, but eventually the numbers will work in your favor. (Thanks, RNGesus!)

Combining two Moon Mortys gets you the Sun Morty, and two of those together results in the rarer Black Hole Morty.

 Imploding Moon Morty

How to Get Mortys from the Morty Games

Five particular Mortys are not available in the wild, and can only be added to your collection by completing each tournament in the Morty Games.

Unless you have many spare Blips and Chitz tickets, this is a lengthy procedure, as there’s a full 24 hour wait between each segment of every tournament. The Mortys you’ll have to acquire through the Morty Games are:

  • Headism Morty for beating Show Me What You Got
  • Turbulent Juice Morty for beating Interdimensional Morty-Thon 14
  • Jerry Fan Morty for beating Band Of Jerrys
  • Exoskeleton Morty for beating Snowball’s Morty Pageant
  • Sexy Devil Morty for beating Mr. Needful’s Vice & Virtue

If you’ve been stumped by these battles that force you to use specific types of loaner Mortys (rather than your own crew), you can check out our full breakdown of how to win the Morty Games for more tips.

 Head To The Morty Games To Get A Sexy Devil Morty!

More Pocket Mortys Fun

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