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How to Catch a Golden Chicken in Fortnite

These chickens will make you rich, so here's how to find some!

If you want to make Gold Bars fast or complete the ultimate heist for your Rise of Midas quests in Fortnite, the infamous golden chicken can help you do both. This sparkling critter can be very elusive, so here are some tips on how to catch a golden chicken.

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Where to Find a Golden Chicken in Fortnite

The golden chickens appear like regular chickens, except they are covered from head to talons in shimmering gold. Unlike regular chickens, they drop golden eggs, which turn into Gold Bars for you to pick up.

It’s hard to miss a shiny gold chicken, but you do need to know the right places to look. Chickens aren’t found just anywhere in the world. Although they can wander, they have specific spawn points where they are more likely to be.

The place where I find chickens most consistently is Fencing Fields. Chickens roam around the vineyards here on the outskirts of the location, and every time I land here, I see at least one gold chicken among them. Another spot they roam is around the orchards of Pleasant Piazza, specifically on the western side of the location. Besides those two spots, you’re safe searching around any of the southwestern biome, where they are more likely to spawn.

How to Catch a Golden Chicken

Once you find a golden chicken, it’s time to put on the chase. Stepping anywhere close to the chicken will make them run away from you. You need to get close enough to grab them when the prompt pops up on the screen. The trick that works for me is chasing them into a corner where they can’t easily escape, such as a fence or a wall.

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When the chicken is within reach, a prompt should pop up above them with the option to grab it. To pick it up, press Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation, or F on PC (the same button as your Pickaxe).

Funnily enough, with the chicken in your hand, you can fly a short distance when you jump, and if you get close enough to enemies, the chicken will peck at them. These could come in handy, but the real prize for golden chickens is their gold eggs. Keep holding onto the chicken and wait for the eggs to drop to rack up Gold Bars.

Golden chickens are not always in the game, so take advantage of them while you can!

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