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How to Get a Fully Modded Weapon in Fortnite Myths & Mortals

Any weapon is essential to have, but a fully modded weapon is even better!

A fully modded gun in Fortnite can cater to your combat preferences and prove superior in battle. Whether you’re looking to complete your Rise of Midas quests or just want to upgrade, here’s how to get a fully modded weapon in Fortnite!

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Where to Find Mod Benches in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

The best way to get a fully modded weapon is to modify it yourself. You can modify weapons at Mod Benches. Unfortunately, the game won’t tell you where to find Mod Benches around the map, but the best places to look that I’ve found are Vaults and Bunkers.

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Bunkers open when the third storm closes in, and Vaults need a keycard dropped by enemy NPCs in that location. However, almost every Bunker and Vault holds a Mod Bench. Here are spots to look at:

  • Vaults
    • Northeast of Rebel’s Roost
    • Southeast of Lavish Lair
    • Northeast of Classy Courts
  • Bunkers
    • Northeast of Lavish Lair
    • Southwest of The Underworld
    • Southwest of Grim Gate
    • South of Pleasant Piazza
    • Southeast of Rebel’s Roost
    • Southeast of Classy Courts
    • Southwest of Fencing Fields

The great thing about searching Vaults and Bunkers for Mod Benches is that they also carry Rare Chests. Rare Chests have a greater chance of dropping Legendary weapons, which can already be fully modded for you. However, if they aren’t, you can use the Mod Bench.

How to Fully Modify Weapons in Fortnite

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Approach a Mod Bench and interact with it using X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation, or E on PC. This opens the mod menu. There are four different types of mods you can add to your gun: Optic, Magazine, Underbarrel, and Barrel. To have a fully modded weapon, you will need one of each kind.

Always get the mods that feel right for you. There are several types of sights and scopes, muzzles, etc.; however, each mod at the Mod Bench will cost you 75 Gold Bars. Check around the Vault or Bunker for extra Gold Bars if you’re running low.

If you’re not sure your weapon is fully modded, you can double-check by looking at your weapon icon in your toolbar or inventory.

Legendary Drum Gun shown in player's tool bar, all white rectangles filled in white and icons for the attachments shown above it
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The white bars on the weapon indicate the number of mods it has. If they are all filled in, then your weapon is fully modded. The mini attachment icons shown under the weapon’s name also indicate the mods you attached.

Most Legendary weapons will already have full mods when you pick them up. If you happen to come across one before using a Mod Bench, you can save some Gold Bars. When you have all four mods attached to a weapon, you’re ready to go out and get some eliminations!

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