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How to Open Weapon Bunker in Fortnite Season 2

Here's how to open weapon bunkers in Fortnite and what's inside.

Bunkers are the new POI that players will be fighting around and they’re scattered around the map. You might have come across them as there are nine of them across each region but are unsure how to open them. Here’s how to open a weapon bunker in Fortnite Season 2.

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Fortnite: How to Open Weapon Bunker

Weapon bunkers in Fortnite can be opened only after the third zone appears (Storm 3 of 12). More specifically, 30 seconds after the third zone. As soon as this happens bunkers will start giving off a signal. Even though there are nine of them scattered around the map, not all can be opened. Some will have chains around them. Those that do open after the third zone will swing their doors wide open and you can access their loot.

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You’ll find mod benches inside of each weapon bunkers in Fortnite where you can mod your weapons. Furthermore, you can also find various gear and gold around the bunker. Essentially, these are replacements for weapon caches from older patches. While they’re a huge point of interest on the map to seek out, I would be careful as other players will be competing for them. That’s why I would either:

  • Approach an open weapon bunker carefully.
  • Or if you’re in, always watch your back while modding your weapon.

A single weapon bunker can put you in a good spot for a win but be prepared to fight for it. One last tip I have for you is not to stand on the bunker door when the signal starts or it won’t open.

That concludes my guide on how to open a weapon bunker in Fortnite. Check out our Fortnite library for more guides like how to get the Hades whip and skin. We also have a list of all the new Shadow Briefings so you can familiarize yourself with the Myths & Mortals map.

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