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How to Change Hats in Duckside

Stand out from the flock and change your hats so everyone knows who you are in Ducksid

Duckside is a fun survival game that doesn’t take itself seriously, offering players an experience to relax after playing competitive survival games like Rust and DayZ. Throughout the game’s trailers and gameplay, you can see how Ducks can change their hats, and it’s a safe bet you will want to do the same. So, get ready to learn how to change hats in Duckside.

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Duckside: How to Change Hats

To change hats in Duckside, you must press the H key on your keyboard. When pressing H, a wheel menu will appear on the screen showing all the hats the game offers. All the hats on the wheel are free to use, so players can change them whenever they want.

Duck accessing the wheel menu to change hats in Duckside
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One thing you will notice when changing hats is that the predetermined hat that you get when you first spawn into the game doesn’t go away. When you change hats, the new one is put on top of the basic helmet. Keep that in mind next time you change hats and then go into the freelook mode to brag about your new look.

How to Get More Hats in Duckside

At the time of writing, Duckside only features 10 hats. All hats are free to use from the start of your play session. Many players are having a blast with the game, and having new hats would make the experience even better. However, as of right now, you must wait until developers add more cosmetic items into the game so you can style your Duck how you want. In the hats menu, you can find an empty space, implying developers could be planning to add another hat in a future update.

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