Can You Change Your Character Name in Palworld on PC and Xbox?

Your character's name in Palworld can define how other players see you, but can you change it on PC and Xbox?

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Customization is key to playing Palworld, from how you build your base to the team of Pals you assemble and everything in between. One thing’s vague, though: how to change your character’s name. Is it possible? I’ll tell you below.

Is it Possible to Change My Character’s Name in Palworld?

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Yes, you can change your character’s name in Palworld. However, there are some caveats, and the function isn’t available to all players at this point in Early Access. You must meet two criteria:

  • Play Palworld on Steam. Xbox Game Pass players (myself included) can’t change a character’s name at any point. Not during character creation, not at the main menu, and not in-game. Steam players can alter their names during character creation.
  • You haven’t completed Character Creation. Steam users, beware: you can’t change your name once you exit the character creation screen in Palworld. You’re locked into whatever name you choose for the rest of your playthrough. Developer Pocketpair has a character edit feature planned for a future update.

Luckily, it’s possible to rename any Pal you capture at any time under one condition: they must level up at least once. After your Pal gains a single level — whatever level that might be — go to Party Menu in the start menu -> Select Pal -> Click on Name -> Edit.

You’ll probably want to rename at least a few of your Pals, especially those you plan to put to work, and not include as a part of your team. If you have an assembly line in mind or just want to keep better track of what Pal does what job, name them “Kindler 1” for a Kindling Pal, and so on. Depending on how big your base, and how expansive your operation, you might need something more specific.

Hopefully, the ability to rename your main character comes sooner than later, especially for Xbox Game Pass players. I know I don’t want to be Player 313 for the rest of my time in Palworld. For more content on Palworld, check out our guides hub.

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