The Long Road doesn't have to be so long. Check this out to see how to clear this arduous task a bit faster.

How to Clear the Long Road as Fast as Possible in Risk of Rain 2

The Long Road doesn't have to be so long. Check this out to see how to clear this arduous task a bit faster.

Among the plethora of challenges that the fantastic Risk of Rain 2 presents you with, there is one which feels like the most skill intensive. While some merely ask you to survive and others have you hunting secrets, one, in particular, asks you to get really good at the game. 

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I am, of course, talking about the Long Road challenge.

This is a challenge that asks you to complete 20 levels in a single run. For the record, that is just an awful lot of levels in a single run. 

Regardless, if you’re a completionist or just love the game and want to get everything you can out of it, here are some tips on finishing this challenge. 

The Easiest Way to Clear the Long Road in Risk of Rain 2

Initially, there are two strategies for completing the Long Road challenge.

  1. You can grind out the first couple of levels to become as powerful as possible; this is fine except that the difficulty is always creeping up on you.
  2. Alternatively, you can rush through as quickly as possible and just hope for the best. 

As it turns out, there is another way. Though, you’re going to need some Lunar Coins in order to have the best chance.

It turns out that going into a portal counts as a level. So, if you activate one Newt Shrine per level, you can effectively double your “levels” per level and finish this challenge after just 10 levels.  

If you use this little trick, you can make this frankly brutal challenge a little bit easier to achieve. This is well worth your time, too. Your reward for sticking with this challenge is the mighty 57 Leaf Clover.

The 57 Leaf Clover is a Red Tier item that adds an extra roll whenever something involving luck occurs. It also makes luck outcomes more favorable to you. So, if you attempt to get an item out of a Shrine, it doubles the chances of it working.

Roughly, I’m not a rocket scientist. 

Easiest Ways to Beat Bosses in Risk of Rain 2

There are a few ways to really make your path through levels easier, but it all takes a little bit of luck.

First things first, you want to play as the Engineer. He feels a little sluggish compared to some of the other characters, but his shield and turrets give a fantastic degree of survivability. 

Next, you need to get as many of the Bustling Fungus item as you can. This is the one that heals you if you stand still. This effect transfers to your turrets, so if you place them next to each other, then stand in the healing circles yourself, you can heal for an absurd amount. This will keep you alive. 

Ideally, you want to do this with a group of friends. The Engineer has the role of healer here; use the shield to protect from damage as often as you can. While you do this, have your friends take the attacking items and then get them to stand in your healing aura. You should have no issues taking everything out while staying alive yourself. 

Make sure nobody chooses the Mercenary for this particular run. Running out of the healing fields, later on, will get you destroyed very quickly, so you really want a team of long-range fighters in order to make the most of it.

With a little bit of grinding, this challenge is easy to do. Of course, you could just get really really good at the game and fight every boss along the way, but who has the time for that? Hopefully, these tips will cut down the time it takes to complete the Long Road. 

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