How to Complete the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge in BitLife

Get rewarded for your botched surgeries during the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge in BitLife!

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This week’s challenge has quite a bit of RNG we need to compete with, especially for the botched surgeries. But we can influence the RNG of other tasks to make them a bit easier. Here’s everything you need to know for how to complete the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Malpractice Millionaire Live Challenge in BitLife

Your tasks for this week are:

How to Be Born a Female in Los Angeles

Our easiest task this week is to start out by creating a Custom Life. Choose Female for your gender, The United States for Country, and then Los Angeles as the Place. You can choose a Special Talent if you have Job Packs and want to do so, but you don’t need a specific job for this challenge. From here, I recommend marrying a millionaire next so that you have money for the surgeries and to hire a good lawyer in the malpractice lawsuit. However, the rest of the tasks can be done in any order.

How to Survive 3+ Botched Procedures

This part is crucial to completing the next task. Go to Activities > Plastic Surgery and select a procedure. Choose the doctor with the lowest reputation to make it more likely that they botch the procedure. Next, you get a pop-up letting you know if the procedure was botched or successful. If it was botched, move to the next task right away, then repeat this process until you survive at least three botched procedures.

How to Win a Malpractice Lawsuit

Once a procedure is botched, go to Activities > Lawsuits and choose the doctor who performed the procedure to sue them. This task again relies on RNG, but if you win the lawsuit, you complete it. If not, then you simply repeat the process with the next botched procedure until you win.

How to Read ‘Strong Looks Better Naked’

Strong Looks Better Naked selected in the book list
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Another RNG task. Here, you go to Activities > Mind & Body > Books and look through the list of books for ‘Strong Looks Better Naked.’ I would select a book at random if it didn’t appear, then hit Read a Different Book and look through the new list of options until it came up. Watching the Movie counts for the task, so you don’t have to tap through all the pages to check off this task.

How to Marry a Millionaire

I did this task first to have access to money. Go to Activities > Date and search for an option that has their Money bar filled. Alternatively, go to Activities > Dating App and put over a million in the desired Net Worth option. Then, start dating them and increase the relationship by spending time with your partner, complimenting them, or making love. Once it’s high enough, purchase a ring and go to Relationships > Boyfriend/Girlfriend > Propose. If they accept, go right back into the relationship page and hit Plan Wedding to get married and check off this task.

And that’s how to complete the Malpractice Millionaire challenge in BitLife. All the RNG made it take a little longer, but completing the last task early helped a lot. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like Job Packs ranked worst to best or how to scare someone to death.

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