How to Complete the Valentione’s Day Event in FFXIV

Spread love and earn the new Love Heart emote in FFXIV during the Valentione's Event.

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Do you feel the love in the air? Or maybe, you just want to pick up the Love Heart emote while it’s available. Or maybe you want to grab the chair from the event vendor while you’re at it. Either way, here’s how to complete the Valentione’s Day event in FFXIV and get the event rewards.

FFXIV Valentine’s Day Event: How to Locate Emilie, Where to Find Lisette, and How to Get the Love Heart Emote

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The Valentione’s Day event has two quests for you to complete. But just doing the first one is enough to get the Love Heart emote if that’s all you’re looking for. No matter what, start at Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Old Gridania (10.2, 9.4) using a Level 15 job.

Where to Find Emilie

Your first task is finding Emilie. Luckily, both quests take place within Gridania. Head to (12.3, 9.6) to find Emilie tucked behind a tree. It was hard to target her to speak with her on my realm, but I held down “X” to interact without issues. On PC, “X” makes it so you can only interact with quest objectives. After talking to Emilie, return to (10.2, 9.4) and complete the first quest.

How to Use the Love Heart Emote

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Next, you need to help Emilie spread love throughout Old Gridania. Find three NPCs and use your new emote while targeting them. Their locations are: (9.4, 7.8), (13.5, 9.3), and (14.1, 6.5). The order doesn’t matter, so after inspiring each NPC, return to (10.2, 9.4).

Where to Find Lisette During the Valentione’s Event

For the last FFXIV Valentione’s quest, go to the Carline Canopy in New Gridania (12, 13.8). But don’t enter the inn. Instead, go to the balcony to the left of the entrance to find Lisette and speak with her. After the dialogue section, return to Old Gridania (10.2, 9.4) one more time to finish the event quests.

Then, you can speak with the event vendor to purchase items on your way out of the enclosed amphitheater. You find them to the right of the gate in a little booth, the same location for vendors ffom other events in Gridania.

And that’s your guide to completing the Valentione’s Day event in FFXIV. The new emote is super cute, so make sure you get it while you can. From here, check out our guides hub for topics like how to farm Earthbreak Aethersand or how to get the Colorful Carrotsol.

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