Here's how to craft the Green Hell fishing rod and how to find the sometimes elusive Brazil Nut.

How to Craft the Green Hell Fishing Rod

Here's how to craft the Green Hell fishing rod and how to find the sometimes elusive Brazil Nut.

Crafting is the name of the game in Green Hell. As you make your way through the Amazon, you’ll build traps, shelter, fires, beds, weapons, and tools, all of which are essential to surviving in this perilous jungle. However, while so many elements you come across are integral in multiple crafting recipes, the Green Hell Brazil Nut is needed for a singular but essential tool: the Fishing Rod.

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This guide will tell you how to build the Green Hell fishing rod, as well as how to find the sometimes elusive Brazil Nut. 

How to Craft the Green Hell Fishing Rod

While you’ll hunt and kill other animals with rocks, bows, bone knives, and spears, sometimes catching your prey requires a little more elegance. For example, in most river areas, especially in those just below waterfalls, fish are easy to come by, and with a simple weak spear, you can catch most fish with ease.

However, if you are looking for something a little more tranquil, a fishing rod is the next best thing. Crafting a fishing rod is a relatively simple task, and you will need the following crafting materials:

  • 1x Long Stick or Long Bamboo Stick
  • 1x Rope
  • 2x Bird Feathers
  • 1x Brazil Nut Bowl

Finding most of the ingredients is easy. Long Sticks can be found by chopping down trees. Rope can be found hanging from the side of thicker trees (called Liana). Feathers can be found either in bird’s nests or by harvesting the bodies of dead parrots, which are often scattered around the map.

How to Find Green Hell Brazil Nuts

Most importantly, though, you’ll need Brazil Nuts. Green Hell Brazil nuts are found at the base of the large trees, and harvesting them will supply you with the bowl.

How to Craft a Hook for the Fishing Rod

Once you have collected your materials and assembled your fishing rod, you will need a hook. These are incredibly easy to assemble and require either a bone needle or fishbone.

Harvesting a fish will supply you with a fishbone, and harvesting a bone will provide you with a bone needle. A bone is easily found on the carcasses of dead animals. Placing either in the crafting menu will prompt you to craft a hook.

Once you have your hook, equip it to the fishing rod. Next, open your backpack and drag the hook across to the rod to combine the two.

How to Get Bait for the Fishing Rod

Now that you have your fully assembled fishing rod, the last component needed is bait. Small insects and mushrooms can be used as bait. However, if you found a bone in an animal carcass, it will also have maggots that will work just as well.

Like how you combined the rod and hook, open your backpack/inventory, and drag your bait across onto the fishing rod.

And that’s that on how to craft the Green Hell fishing rod. Now that you know how to get all of the crafting materials, including the Brazil Nut, you’ll be able to relax by the water and let time fade away. If you’d like to catch fish while multitasking, consider building a fish trap. We have a guide on that, too

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