Spider-Man 2: How to Loop de Loop

Here's how to pull off Loop de Loop in Spider-Man 2.

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Peter and Miles have access to plenty of moves that can make traversing New York City and its 14 districts faster and more efficient. You don’t need fast travel to get somewhere quickly. One of the harder moves to use is one you can get early. Here’s how to Loop de Loop in Spider-Man 2.

Guaranteed Way to Make Loop de Loop Work in Spider-Man 2

Loop de Loop is the second skill you can unlock from the shared skill tree after getting Slingshot Launch. It costs 1 skill point to acquire. The move’s description says to hold R2 while diving to get a massive speed boost. This piqued my interest early since anything augmenting or adding to the usefulness of Web Wings is crucial for traversal.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

However, the move isn’t exactly easy to pull off. The guaranteed way to do Loop de Loop is diving until you almost hit the ground, then pressing and holding R2. You must have wind trails and visual speed distortion around Spider-Man while diving for this to work. If you’ve done it right, you’ll notice a considerable increase in speed and Spider-Man’s momentum.

Depending on your diving speed and the buildings around you, the animation may go haywire. I was thrown into the sides of buildings multiple times while testing this out, even after I learned how to do it correctly. I would suggest diving from at least 10 stories or higher to gain the proper speed.

Be sure to hold R2 through the entire Loop de Loop. If you let go, you’ll stop the webswing immediately and either re-enter a dive or tumble through the air. Lastly, perform the maneuver in an area where you have plenty of room. The pendulum swing can be incredibly large, and it’s easy to slam into buildings or railway tracks in certain areas like Harlem. It’s nigh impossible to pull it off in Central Park.

And that’s how to Loop de Loop in Spider-Man 2. Pairing this move with subsequent skills like Spider-Jump (1 skill point) and Spider-Dash (1 skill point) can make traversing great fun. Pair it with Web Wings, and you’ll be shooting through New York even if you aren’t hitting those Sonic-inspired green rings floating around. For more tips and tricks, head over to our guides hub for the game.

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