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Spider-Man 2: How to Use Web Wings

Here's how to equip and use Web Wings in Spider-Man 2.

As expected, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales have plenty of available moves to traverse New York City in Spider-Man 2, fighting bosses and saving those in distress. One ability you get early helps you fly through the air. Here’s how to use web wings after getting them.

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How to Equip Web Wings in Spider-Man 2

While the game is heavily tutorialized, there are some things it glosses over after gaining access to them. One of those is Web Wings. You can use Web Wings at any time after the initial fight with Sandman. To do so, press Triangle while in the air, and they’ll automatically equip, letting you soar through above rooftops and between buildings.

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Here are some more important tidbits I’ve found while playing:

  • You can’t use Web Wings while carrying someone.
  • You can dodge while using them.
  • You can do Air Tricks while using them.
  • You can dive into and out of using Web Wings.

Other Web Wings Controls

Pull back on the left stick to gain height or slow down. Push forward on the left stick to dive or gain speed. The controls for Web Wings can be inverted by pausing Spider-Man 2, going into the Settings menu, choosing Controls, and then toggling Invert Web Wings Controls. You can turn inversion off, invert both the Y-axis and the X-axis, or invert both.

Further, Web Wings will “close” when you Web Swing while using them. However, they’ll stay active when using Web Zip.

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Tips and Tricks for Using Web Wings

While Web Wings seem relatively straightforward, there are some tips and tricks I can provide for using them more efficiently. First of all, they’re a great alternative to fast travel since you must unlock that mechanic per district, and only after you’ve completed enough activities and crimes to reach the second node within an area. Second, you can go seriously fast with these things.

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The best way I’ve found to use Web Wings is to:

  • Use Charge Jump by holding R2 +X to gain height.
  • Web swing to a greater height.
  • Use Web Zip by pressing X to gain momentum.
  • Initiate the Web Wings ability to travel faster than using your Web Swing or Web Zip.

This is great for when you don’t have tether points in more open areas or in boroughs with low buildings. Using it with the Super Slingshots found around each district can give you incredible speed, allowing you to scan large areas for activities quickly.

Further, the green rings you find in the city will either help you gain height (vertical rings) or increase your speed (horizontal rings). You can scan to reveal these or look for updrafts or horizontal wind trails. Another great use is for car chases because the ability allows you to close the distance on fleeing cars incredibly quickly.

Web Wings Upgrades

Once you complete the Amends mission and unlock Prowler Stashes after the Raft, you can begin to upgrade your Web Wings ability in the Suit Tech Traversal menu. Here are the upgrade paths, what they do, and how much they cost.

  • Amazing Wings: 170 Tech Parts (TP) + 1 Rare Tech Part (RTP) — Glide for longer with the ability.
  • Spectacular Wings: 220 TP + 5 RTPs; unlocked at Level 14 — Increased Web Wings turn speed for improved handling.
  • Ultimate Wings: 230 TP + 6 RTP; unlocked at Level 30 — Activate Web Wings during a dive to gain a significant speed boost.

That’s how to use Web Wings in Spider-Man 2. I think it’s a fantastic addition to the franchise’s traversal mechanics, and it makes getting around New York City that much easier. Who needs fast travel? For more on Insomniac’s action-adventure game, head over to our guides hub.

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