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How to Earn Mastery Points in Stardew Valley 1.6 (& Redeem Them)

Progression is rewarding, thanks to the new Mastery feature.

If you thought you’d done everything you could in Stardew Valley, think again! Thanks to update 1.6, there is much more to do, including progressing your skills to Mastery. Now you can collect rewards for maxing out your skills, so here’s how to earn Mastery points.

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How to Get Mastery Points in Stardew Valley

To reach the Mastery level, you must first max out all your skills: Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat. This takes time. Each level requires a specific amount of XP, and each skill has 10 levels to progress through.

How to Level up Skills Quickly

Level up for foraging with new ideas unlocked
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The best way to farm XP for those skills is to ensure you use them every day. Chop down trees, go fishing, harvest and plant crops, head to the mines to mine ore and slay some mobs, and repeat the process again and again. Another way to boost your XP, thanks to update 1.6, is to read books. The Bookseller comes around every once in a while with books to buy, or you can occasionally find some hiding in tall grass.

Cheat menu from mod with list of skills to set up higher, foraging is circled in yellow
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If you don’t have the patience to grind through all your skills, you can use a cheat menu mod like CJB Cheats to automatically increase your skill levels with the push of a button. Once you have this mod installed, you can level up to max in no time.

After reaching the maximum levels for all skills, you unlock a Mastery level XP bar in your Skills menu. You can work on filling that Mastery bar to earn a Mastery point.

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You can earn some Mastery XP by continuing to complete the same skill activities. Rather than separating them all, all skills work toward filling that meter. This means you can be chopping trees or catching fish to progress. It will start at a 10,000 XP requirement but grow even more challenging to fill as you progress through all five Mastery stars.

How to Redeem Mastery Points

When you’ve filled that Mastery bar and are ready to redeem them, head to the secret Mastery room. The entrance to the Mastery room is hidden within a stone wall in Cindersap Forest.

Mastery room secret door in cliffside circled in yellow
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To get to the Mastery room, head south from your farm and continue past Marnie’s Ranch and Leah’s house. Cross over the wooden boards over the water and keep heading south. You’ll see the door hidden on the cliffside near where you usually find Robin’s lost axe. You can chop down the tree in front of it to see the entrance better.

You can only enter this door once you have all your max-level skills. Otherwise, it will tell you to become the “Master of the Five Ways.” When you’re max, you can click on the door to enter the Mastery room.

All Mastery Rewards

There are five different Mastery rewards you can claim by earning Mastery stars. These rewards are found within the Mastery room and are themed around each skill.

Mastery reward menu with option to claim
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To redeem rewards, approach and interact with one of the carvings on the wall. This will show the rewards and allow you to “Claim” them by using one of your earned stars.

Here are all the rewards you can earn:

Combat Mastery

  • Anvil
  • Mini-Forge
  • New equipment slot for Trinkets

Foraging Mastery

  • Mystic Tree Seed
  • Treasure Totem
  • Golden Mystery Boxes

Farming Mastery

  • Iridium Scythe
  • Statue of Blessings
  • Golden Animal Crackers

Fishing Mastery

  • Advanced Iridium Rod
  • Challenge Bait
  • Golden Fishing Chests

Mining Mastery

  • Statue of The Dwarf King
  • Heavy Furnace
  • Rocks with gems grant double

You won’t want to miss out on these extra special rewards, so keep grinding away at those skills and earn all five of your Mastery starts to claim them all. If you need a bit of a boost to get there, use some mods to speed up the process.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny’s Stardew Valley guides hub for more content like this. You can check out some of the best new 1.6 gameplay changes or update your mods for the latest update.

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