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How to Farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves

Want to pull for the best characters Wuthering Waves has to offer? Then you'll need to know how to farm Asterite, and lots of it.

Wuthering Waves wouldn’t be a gacha game without a premium currency, and here, it’s called Astrite. You’ll use it to pull on the limited event banners, refund stamina, and, if you’re a fool, pull on the standard banner. Knowing how to farm Astrite will ensure you’re always flush with pulls for the next limited character you want, and there are some best ways to do it.

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How to Get More Astrite in Wuthering Waves

There are more sources of the Astrite premium currency in Wuthering Waves than you might think. Some of the methods of farming it are as old as the gacha genre; some are more novel/generous (to me, anyhow). Here are all the ways to get it.


The easiest and most consistent one-and-done way to get Astrite is to complete any and all quests that award it. For some, like the main story and exploration quests, you’ll unlock it passively. Others, side quests specifically, you’ll find it out in the world. Most world side quests award between 20-40 Astrite, as well as Union EXP, upgrade materials, and Shell Credits. You’ll have a good idea of how long a quest will take based on the amount of Astrite it awards. Longer or more difficult quests can provide as much as 60-100 Astrite, though doing these is quite a bit less efficient than some other methods in this guide.

Exploration Chests and First-Time Rewards

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If you want a sheer volume of Astrite, then finding and opening all of the world chests, enemy camps, and puzzles scattered across Wuthering Waves is the way to go. You won’t get too many units of Astrite per chest, usually 5 or 10, but because there are so many to find, there are literally thousands and thousands of Astrite to collect. Provided, of course, you take the time.

In my experience, not 100% clearing a zone of chests right off the bat is a good idea. Not only does it leave a smattering of Astrite for later collection, but it saves any zone-specific loot from getting gobbled up in case it’s meta later on in the game. The same is true of the Sonance Caskets you can give to the Relic Merchant in Jinzhou.

Lastly, there are a lot of locations, fights, and other activities that have first-time clear rewards. These include world bosses, small instanced dungeons, and other combat challenges. Rewards from these are between 20-30 Astrite, so you’re not going to break the bank, but it’s a nice bonus nonetheless.

Limited-Time Events

Wuthering Waves unabashedly follows in the footsteps of the world’s most popular gacha games, which means that one of its best sources of Astrite is the limited-time events that run parallel to the game’s main content. Depending on the depth and complexity of the events, you might get 500-800 Astrite if you do everything in a small or medium-sized event, whereas larger ones can award upward of 1,000 premium currency or more. As such, I highly recommend trying to complete event content whenever it’s up.

As a bit of an aside, limited character event banners always come with a try-before-you-pull event where you can, well, try the limited character before you decide to pull for them or not. It’s only worth 20 Astrite per trial, but that ain’t nothin’.

Tower of Adversity

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Do you like combat gauntlets with escalating difficulty? Because the Tower of Adversity is Wuthering Waves‘ version of a combat gauntlet with escalating difficulty. The basics are simple: the game will present you with a number of enemies and a timer. If you want maximum rewards, you need to clear each wave within the strictest time limit. Do so, and you’ll get 100 Astrite per floor cleared in the Stable and Experimental sections of the Tower.

Here’s the catch: much like the Abyss in Genshin Impact or Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail, for the higher difficulty sections of the Tower of Adversity, you’ll need multiple, well-built teams to complete it. However, unlike its influences, Wuthering Waves‘ ultimate endgame activity, the Tower of Adversit: Hazard Zone, requires three teams rather than just two. That works out to needing one more character built to get the most out of the Tower.

Rewards for Hazard Zone are a bit more generous in Wuthering Waves as well. Rather than 60 units of premium currency, you get 75 Astrite for getting three crests per chamber. The Hazard Zone refreshes every 21 days, meaning you can get 1,500 Astrite per major update. That’s on top of the one-time infusion of 1,800 Astrite for the lower-difficulty floors.

Various Progression and Crafting Mechanics

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Wuthering Waves is somewhat unique in that not only do its various progression systems reward Astrite, but so do some of its simplest crafting mechanics. Cooking, crafting weapons, and synthesizing items reward up to 200 Astrite, provided you do a lot of all of them. For example, cooking a single dish only awards 10-15 points toward your Cooking Level, and you need 500 points to level it up the first time.

Leveling your Data Bank is not just a vital progression system, as it allows you to find higher rarity and more powerful Echoes from enemies, but it awards between 40 and 80 Astrite per level. You’ll also level it passively if you collect every Echo you encounter, but you should make maxing it out a priority nonetheless.

Code Redemptions

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While you shouldn’t rely on Wuthering Waves redeemable codes for all your Astrite needs, between the periodic drops that award Astrite to the new update codes I fully expect to come with each big patch announcement, you can always count on at least a few hundred units per phase.

And with that, you know all the most common ways to get Astrite in Wuthering Waves. “Farming” comes down to grinding for it, especially in the endgame, but veterans of other gacha games will tell you that eventually, you end up with more premium currency than you know what to do with. It just takes a while. For more content, check out our Wuthering Waves guides hub.

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