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How to Farm Fruit in Soulmask (& Catch Monkeys)

Monkeys will do all the fruit picking for you!

The monkeys are among the many different types of animals to capture in Soulmask. Not only are they simply adorable, but they’re also key to farming all the fruits in the game. Here’s how you can start capturing and getting these key fruits from them.

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How to Farm Fruit From Monkeys in Soulmask

Fruits are important, not just for food but for crafting other essential items. You can harvest them by planting and farming them at your camp. However, to get the seeds in the first place, you’ll need to have the initial fruits. The best way to collect all these rare fruits is to get yourself fruit-picking masters — monkeys!

How to Capture Monkeys

Monkeys are caught in traps, just like all the other animals you can tame and breed. To start capturing them, you’ll want to make some Small Traps. You can unlock the crafting recipe for them in the Knowledge & Technology menu under the Animal Breeding tech branch. Once you have it, you can craft the Small Traps at a Building Workshop with these materials:

  • Branch x19
  • Clay x10
  • Thick Rope x5

Now that you have a trap, you can set out to look for the right spot to set it up. Monkeys are usually in jungle areas on the map, so look for tree-heavy areas. I was able to find them in two different spots right on the main starting aisle: southwest from the Barbarian Claw Tribe Barracks and southwest from the Ancient Pyramid. However, you’re likely to find plenty of others around the area as well.

You can use your Life Perception skill with Q to track them and detect if any are nearby.

When you’ve found a good spot, you can select the trap from your Shortcut slots and place it down on the ground. You’ll also need to put some bait inside the trap. The best bait to use for the monkeys is nuts. You can collect nuts by chopping down certain trees. Hold E on the trap to open the inventory, and then drag the nuts over to the empty slot.

Monkeys are caught in the trap after you set it and wait a few minutes. However, an easier way to catch them instantly is by placing the trap directly in front of their walking path. Since monkeys are one animal that doesn’t spook from you, you can walk right next to them and place the traps directly in front of them.

After placing the trap, the monkey will walk right in. Then, you can pick the monkey up from the trap to capture it. It’s now a tame monkey; you can carry it back to your camp or let it wander around. However, to start collecting fruits from them, you’ll want to make a Monkey Storage Nest.

How to Get Fruits From Monkeys

You can make a Monkey Storage Nest on a Building Workshop after unlocking the recipe in the Knowledge & Technology menu under the basic Animal Breeding tech. You can make it with these materials:

  • Log x10
  • Fiber x10
  • Thatch x10
  • Wild Fruit or Nut x5

Then, place it anywhere at your camp. This is where your monkeys will store fruits and nuts. They will continuously fill the storage as long as they have food and water to keep them happy.

It can take some time for the monkeys to store items here, so be patient. If they aren’t putting any items in it, try moving the nest to a different spot. Or, you can check the monkey’s inventory directly to see if they have any on them. Walk up to them and hold E to view their items, just like you would with a Tribesman.

Unlike other animals, you can place monkeys on your shoulders instead of filling up your hands by carrying them. This allows you to have full access to other items or even fight while bringing them along with you. They’ll be your own personal mascot!

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