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The Jersey Devil getting ready to attack.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Find and Defeat the Jersey Devil in Fallout 76

The legendary Jersey Devil stalks the streets of America's Playground in Fallout 76.

The Jersey Devil is the newest Cryptid to join the ranks of wasteland horrors in the America’s Playground update. A hard-to-vanquish boss, this is how to find and defeat the Jersey Devil in Fallout 76.

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Where is the Jersey Devil in Fallout 76

The Jersey Devil is mentioned throughout Atlantic City as a legendary horror nabbing people off the streets. There’s only one way to face off against it, however. You must make it through The Russo questline until you fight the Jersey Devil as the final boss in the quest Sins of the Father.

The Rose Room, formerly Ingram Mansion, map location.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Complete the Russo Questline?

To begin the Russo questline, head to the former Ingram Mansion, now a nightclub called The Rose Room. Down in the basement, Evelyn Russo is singing to a packed house. After a brief exchange, talk to the bartender Vin to start the questline.

There are a number of steps you’ll need to take, which results in you heading to the Flooded City Center area of Atlantic City. Unlike The Pitt, you can freely travel to any region of the city without having to be part of an expedition. This allows you to explore to your heart’s content and complete the questline at your own pace.

Atlantic City expeditions menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

During the Sins of the Father quest, you’ll need to head to Flooded City Center with Antonio. After learning that the blood sample he has is from a juvenile Jersey Devil, you need to place five pheromone canisters around the area.

After a narrative moment, the lad hears a shriek near the water valve section. Follow Antonio through the city to confront the cryptid. This is the only way to fight the creature.

How to Defeat the Jersey Devil Boss in Fallout 76

The key to conquering this boss is Antonio Russo. Namely, you need to use him as a punching bag for the Jersey Devil. While it’s busy beating the snot out of the almost don, unload all your damage into it.

High-damage weapons like Fo76‘s Holy Fire are perfect for this fight. Anything that inflicts Damage over Time, like Floater Gnasher Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, and Flamers, is going to give you a boost. This is due to the moments the Jersey Devil may chase you around and not allow you to attack him. I was getting killed in 2 to 3 hits from it, so I had to run around at times to avoid dying.

Not only can the Jersey Devil hit you, but it’ll throw debris at you. It also shoots energy beams out of its eyes, which are shown with a glowing charge animation, and releases howls that disorient and slow you. All in all, you want to stay away from it, using its divided attention to attack.

Jersey Devil energy beam eye attack.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll also have to contend with Lesser Devils, called by their parent to battle. Typically they come one at a time, but the closer its health is to being depleted the more likely two will show up.

These are relatively easy to kill. Ignoring them can get annoying as they follow you around whatever area you’re fighting in. It’s best to take them out as soon as they appear. Unlike the fully grown Jersey Devil, these guys will appear in other expeditions and areas of the city, so you don’t have to worry about killing them for any hunting goals you may have.

Lesser Devil in Atlantic City.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Lags and Glitches During Jersey Devil Boss Fight

If the game is lagging or the quest glitches to the point that Tony isn’t moving, doesn’t fire his weapon, or can’t be found at all, you’ll have an extremely hard time defeating the Jersey Devil. All attacks hit hard. Its health can be restored to full due to lag on the server. I had it down to half HP three times while Tony was MIA, only to get my butt kicked.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, head back to the main menu and server hop. Returning to Appalachia will reload the Flooded City Center and send you back to the server you were previously on. You need to change the main server. From there, hopefully, any lag or bugs will be taken care of.

Jersey Devil after attacking Tony Russo.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

On the other hand, it can also happen that the Jersey Devil himself will get stuck among the torn-down houses. If this occurs, you can exploit it to shoot him down and make the quest easier for yourself.

Unlike the other Cryptids, Jersey Devil will only become unconscious. After you decide how much blood to draw, it burrows back to the Pine Barrens, never to be seen again.

That’s how to find and defeat the Jersey Devil in Fallout 76. For other Cryptid locations, how to defeat them, or what resources they drop, set off to our guide hub for assistance.

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