Fallout 76: How to Get Holy Fire

The Holy Fire is an impressive flamer in Fallout 76. Here's how to get it.

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Holy Fire is a heavy hitting, unique flamer obtained by completing a specific event in Fallout 76. Introduced during the Once in a Blue Moon update, here’s how to get the Holy Fire heavy gun in FO76.

How to Get Holy Fire in Fallout 76

The Holy Fire in Fallout 76 is arguably one of the best heavy weapons in the game, and there’s only one way to obtain it. You have to participate and complete the world event Beasts of Burden, which has a chance to drop the legendary weapon. A variant of the traditional Flamer, Holy Fire deals increased fire damage over time, comes with multiple legendary effects, and is decked out with Mothman Cultist symbols.

How to Complete Beasts of Burden in Fallout 76

The Beasts of Burden event takes place in Cranberry Bog, where Luca Costa needs help taking back his brahmin from a Mothman Cultist settlement. Simple right? Not exactly. To complete the event you need to:

  • Collect pieces of the shipment.
  • Return pieces to the caravan.
  • Blow up areas of the settlement.
  • Defeat the Ogua.

I recommend doing this with friends to make this easier, as I did. Once all of those steps are finished, you’ll be rewarded for the event. This can include Holy Fire, but it’s not a guaranteed drop.

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Holy Fire Stats

Holy Fire can drop at either level 30, 40, or 50 and comes with max of 41 damage at level 50. It’s a ranged weapon that inflicts an additional 18 fire damage over 3 seconds, double that of a normal Flamer. It also comes with the following Legendary buffs:

  • Vampire’s: Restore 2% health over 2 seconds when you hit an enemy.
  • Rapid: +25% faster attack speed.
  • Durability: Breaks 50% slower.
  • Cursed:[1] +15% damage, +20% faster attack speed, -4 durability.

That’s how to get the Holy Fire flamer in Fallout 76. For other weapon locations, where to find Scorched, or how to complete certain quests, check out our expansive guide vault.

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