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How to Find and Pressure Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Find out how to locate and pressure Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth using Poison Materia.

Thunderclaw is a Canine-type enemy that poses a serious threat in FF7 Rebirth, which is a part of the Voltaic Canine Fiend Intel mission. In my guide, I’ll show you how to find and pressure Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, including which type of materia to use.

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FF7 Rebirth: How to Find Thunderclaw

In Chapter 2, I can get the Voltaic Canine assignment after activating the Wastelands Remnawave Tower in the Grasslands region. Then, I simply need to find Thunderclaw in the western area of Grasslands, which I indicated with a marker on the map below.

Note that Thunderclaw absorbs electricity, so there’s no point in using this element against it. That’s also why I recommend using Lightning Materia for your armor, as in this way, you’ll be able to receive a lot less damage from Thunderclaw. But most importantly, I recommend going in with one of these two characters against Thunderclaw:

  • Tifa – the only character capable of guard canceling and switching to blocking in the middle of an attack. Be sure to block by pressing the R1 button while building up the ATB.
  • Cloud – who can enter Punisher Mode and cancel Thunderclaw’s attacks or dodge them without getting hurt at all.
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FF7 Rebirth: How to Pressure Thunderclaw

I discovered that Thunderclaw is highly susceptible to detrimental status effects, such as Poison damage. So be sure to apply Poison Materia to your weapons before initiating this battle. In this way, you can easily pressure and stagger Thunderclaw to complete the assignment.

How to Get Poison Materia in FF7 Rebirth

You can get Poison Materia either by purchasing it at the Materia shop for 1,500 Gil or by completing missions in Chapter 8. You can always return to the Grasslands to deal with Thunderclaw after that. Here’s how I’d go about obtaining the Poison Materia:

  1. Travel to the Marauderlands area.
  2. Complete the “Feed for Piko” and “The Bartenders Untended Garden” objectives.
  3. Speak to the Bartender in the Dustbowl (Prison) area.
  4. Take the gate key from him.
  5. Open the gate at the new Drum area, where you’ll find the Poison Materia at the bottom.

What are Thunderclaw’s Attacks in FF7 Rebirth

Thunderclaw has three types of attacks, all of which can be easily mitigated if you come prepared. Here’s my take on this battle:

  • Once he goes for the Throat Clamp, use dodging.
  • If he starts collecting energy, he’s preparing for High Voltage attack. That’s why you need armor with the Lightning Materia for resistance.
  • During his Blitz attack, be sure to use guard canceling and blocking.

Thunderclaw Rewards in FF7 Rebirth

If you use the Poison Materia, then you’ll be able to quickly pressure and stagger Thunderclaw, prompting him to drop the following materials:

  • Beast Talon (used for crafting Phoenix Draft and Smelling Salts).
  • Beast Pelt (used for crafting Enhanced Hunter’s Bangle, Power Wristguards, and Bulletproof Vest).

That’s it for my guide on how to find and pressure Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Stay tuned for more FF7RB tips and tricks articles, including how to complete piano minigames: all sheet music locations, and who is telling the truth in the Swindling Seminar.

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