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Combat in the Overthrow encounter in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Image via Bungie

How to Find Overthrow Corrupted Chest Activities in Destiny 2

There are nine corrupted chests to find in the Overthrow activity zones in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Here's where to find them.

Scattered throughout the Pale Heart of the Traveler in Destiny 2: The Final Shape are numerous Corrupted Chests that require you to complete minigames to open. These chests also appear in the Overthrow zones of The Landing, The Blooming, and The Impasse, and we’ll share how to find all of them here.

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Where to Find Corrupted Chests in Overthrow Spaces in Destiny 2

While there are other corrupted chests in the larger patrol space of the Pale Heart, the ones you’re likely to see most often (and serve a bit more of a purpose) are in the three zones where you can take part in the Overthrow open-world activity. Specifically, these zones are The Landing, The Blooming, and The Impasse, and completing the chest minigames awards not only 250 Overflow progress points but also a chance at Pale Heart Engrams and Exotic Class Items (provided you’ve completed the questline).

All Corrupted Chest Locations in The Landing in the Pale Heart

I’ve been able to find 3 corrupted chests in The Landing. They tend to spawn once every few minutes, though they disappear after a while if you don’t collect them, and you’ll need to wait the full 3-4 minutes between spawns if you miss one. Thankfully, none of the minigames here are too involved, though one of them is a bit time-sensitive.

Cave Chest by a Waterfall

Chest near a waterfall and pond in the Landing in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

In the southeastern section of The Landing, you’ll find a cave with a small pond and a waterfall. To open the chest, you need to activate it and then stand in the grenade energy field that appears. Throw a damaging grenade (preferably something like an Arc Pulse Grenade) at the pustule-like blights on the cave walls within the time limit to complete the minigame. Put on the Fastball Armor Mod if you want some extra throwing distance. Don’t worry if you miss a few times. There’s more than enough time on the clock to clear out all the blights several times over.

Near Entrance Under Red Room

Chest near the entrance of The Landing in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll find another chest on the upper level near the western spawn point to The Landing. Turn right from the landing zone and head up the stairs to the garden area. To the left, under the red room above you, and between two columns, is another chest. Getting the reards here is simple: activate the chest and follow the Light beams around the area until you can’t follow them anymore, then destroy a large pustule-blight to open the chest.

Southwestern Rock Chest by the Walking Path

Chest near a rock and path in The Landing in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you take the well-worn walking path west from the red room, along the southern edge of The Landing, you’ll run into a small rock on your right. The chest here is almost impossible to miss, though the Light energy beams you’ll need to collect to unlock it are a bit tougher to find. You’ll have 90 seconds to head further west to the bridge over the chasm and back around toward the entrance. I’d wager you’ll need the full-time unless you’re a Sparrow/Skimmer master. Should you fall or otherwise fail the challenge, you can always restart, of course.

All Corrupted Chest Locations in The Blooming in the Pale Heart

Another Overthrow zone, another set of three corrupted chests. The ones here are a bit better hidden, though “hidden” is, as always, relative.

Glyph Puzzle and Seclusion Passage Chest

Chest near the second glyph puzzle in the Blooming in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

One of the corrupted chests in The Blooming is in the area with the second glyph puzzle that you need to complete during the Exegesis mission. You’ll find it to the right of the passage that now leads to the Seclusion. Opening it is actually a pain because you need to use your melee and your bullets to push a bramble physics object from a high location into a large basin. I recommend using a powerful LMG like the Commemoration or Fixed Odds, as those bullets will push the bramble better than a primary, and hitting it with melee is a giant crapshoot.

Chest on the Northwest Side of the Central Tree’s Trunk

Chest near the tree in the Blooming in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Head up on to the platform in the center of The Blooming with the Tree of Silver Wings and go to the northwest side. The chest sits nearby. As with the chest near the rock in The Landing, here you’ll need to collect Light energy beams to open the chest. Thankfully, they’re mostly confined to the area around the tree, making the timer much more forgiving.

Chest West of the Tree on a Rock

Chest east of the central tree in The Blooming in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you’re standing on the platform with the tree, head directly west, using the middle of the tree as a guide. Next to a smaller, bonzai-style tree on a lower rocky outcropping is the final chest. You’ll be following Light paths again here, then destroying a pustule-blight to claim the rewards.

All Corrupted Chest Locations in The Impasse in the Pale Heart

The three corrupted chests in The Impasse are the easiest to find, with two right next to one another. They’re also fairly simple to open, as none of the minigames are particularly involved or difficult.

Chest in the Northwest Near Buildings

Chest near the buildings in the Impasse in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

In the northwest part of the area, you’ll see a group of outbuildings with a few Taken enemies around. The chest will appear near the central building, and once activated, a pool of Light energy will appear nearby. Go into it to collect a buff that allows you to cleanse the Taken corruption that appears around the buildings. All you need to do is walk near the corruption to clear it. Be sure to check every corner of the area, including on the roofs and in the dark spots.

Chest Under the Hands Bridge

Chest under the hands bridge in the Impasse inDestiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The chest is in the middle of the area, underneath the hands, extending from the bottom of the bridge. Once activated, you’ll need to stand in the grenade energy field as in other zones and destroy pustule-blights with said grenades.

Chest East of the Hands Bridge

Corrupted chest in The Impasse east of the hands bridge in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll probably be able to see the third and final chest, as it’s directly east of the hands bridge one and has nothing blocking the line of sight. To open this chest, you need to destroy another Darkness bramble the same way you’ve done in other zones.

Those are all the corrupted chests you can find in Overthrow locations in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. They’re neither hard to find nor hard to open, but they are a vital part of farming Pale Heart weapons, completing the Overthrow activity efficiently, and generally earning new loot. For more similar content, check out the Destiny 2 guides hub, including the best Ergo Sum Exotic Sword Exotic perks.

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