Here are all possible locations in Minecraft that generate treasure chests with loot.

How to Find Treasure Chests in Minecraft

Here are all possible locations in Minecraft that generate treasure chests with loot.
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When you start a survival game in Minecraft, the first resources you find often determine how successful your game will be. That is why locating treasure chests is one of the most essential skills a player can have.

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Fortunately, Mojang created a large number of places where players can find chests, and this guide is dedicated to helping you find them all. So next time you start your game in Minecraft, put this guide in your checklist.

Abandoned Mineshafts

Abandoned mineshafts are generated underground, and they usually span many hundreds of blocks.

The number of treasure chests inside mineshafts may vary from zero to many more depending on the size of the mineshaft.

You can often locate mineshaft entrances in ravines and caves. At times, these entrances are exposed on the surface, usually in mesa biomes.


Dungeons spawn underground with one or two treasure chests. These structures are usually protected by mobs, such as zombies, spiders, or skeletons.

The easiest way to locate a dungeon is to find a cavern and search it for an entrance. Often, dungeons are connected to mineshafts.


Strongholds are not as easy to find as dungeons, but they usually contain more chests. Often, treasure chests in strongholds contain Ender Pearls, which can be used for activating portals.

These structures spawn underground, and just like dungeons, they can be accessed through caverns, ravines, or mineshafts.

Jungle Pyramids

Jungle pyramids spawn exclusively in jungle biomes. These structures always contain two treasure chests, one of which is hidden behind the wall with levers.

Another chest is usually protected by a dart trap, so be careful when approaching one.

Desert Pyramids

Desert pyramids spawn only on desert biomes and contain four treasure chests. All of the chests are well hidden and protected by bomb traps.

To reveal the secret chests in these pyramids, you need to break the floor in the central inner hall of the structure. The bomb trap is placed right in the middle of the pit under the floor, but you can avoid stepping on it if you walk a narrow path around it.


Villages are the most commonly generated structures in Minecraft. You can find them in various biomes, except jungle, mesa, extreme hills, and ocean.

Treasure chests usually spawn inside houses, but the most common building to look out for a treasure chest is the blacksmith’s shop.


Igloos spawn exclusively on in the ice plains biome, and there are two types of them: with and without the basement.

If you’re lucky, and you find an igloo with a basement, then you need to break the floor inside the igloo and take the ladder all the way down underground.

You will always find one treasure chest inside an igloo’s basement.

Woodland Mansions

These massive structures appear only in the roofed forest biome. The number of treasure chests spawning inside woodland mansions may vary. Sometimes you will find none, and at other times you will find plenty.

Here are the most common places with treasure chests inside the mansion:

  • Attic
  • X room
  • Checkerboard room
  • Allium room
  • Gray banner room
  • Sapling farm room
  • Tree chopping room
  • Mushroom farm
  • Storage room
  • Wood archway
  • Winding stairway
  • Bedroom with loft
  • Fake end portal
  • Arena


Shipwrecks usually spawn in ocean biomes, and sometimes on the beaches.

There are three tiers of shipwrecks that contain a different number of treasure chests:

  • Tier 3 contains one treasure chest
  • Tier 2 contains two treasure chests
  • Tier 1 contains three treasure chests

Ocean Ruins

Ocean ruins spawn on the bottom of the ocean biomes and contain at least one treasure chest, which is hidden either in the floor or inside the walls of the structure.

You will need to break the floor and the walls to be able to find the chests.

Buried Treasures

Buried treasures are just random treasure chests hidden in the ground.

The best way to find buried treasure would be to find a map inside a shipwreck that would lead you to the exact location.

Pillager Outposts

Pillager outposts may spawn in any biome, and usually near a village. These structures are well protected by pillagers.

You can always find one treasure chest on the top level of the pillager post under the roof.

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