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Escape From Tarkov: How to Fix Not Sending Verification Code Error

Wondering why Escape From Tarkov verification emails aren't sending? Here are a few things that could fix the problem.

Whether you’ve played BSG’s tactical shooter before or are enlisting for the first time, you may need to verify your identity for security purposes. Not being able to can lock you out of the game. Here’s how to fix the verification code not sending error in Escape From Tarkov.

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Why Won’t Tarkov Send Me a Verification Code Email?

Though I haven’t personally run into this issue, I know several players who have, and doing a bit of research on Reddit and the Escape From Tarkov forum shows that quite a few others keep running into this issue, too. It can affect old and new players alike.

The fix for my friends has been sending a ticket to the BSG support email ([email protected]), but many others haven’t heard back, so it seems hit or miss in many cases.

There are myriad reasons why a verification code email may not go through, from laggy servers to incorrect email addresses being used. I’ve accidentally entered the wrong email once or twice, forcing me to make another account, which isn’t an ideal situation to be in. Barring that snafu or if you don’t hear back from support, we can try a few things, though they’re not guaranteed to work.

If you need to recover your email, follow the steps on the Escape From Tarkov Account Recovery page. You’ll need to prep by having things like screenshots, receipts, your IP address, and history of login names.

Fix 1: Retry the Verification Code Process

Some players have reported that they had to register and verify their e-mail addresses several times on the official Escape From Tarkov website before the verification code finally arrived in their e-mail inboxes. So be sure to try the process again if you didn’t get the verification code the first time.

As is the case with many verification emails like this, the email may not arrive immediately. I’ve run into this when resetting social accounts or those for other games, as well. Wait roughly 5-10 minutes after requesting a new verification code before moving to the steps below.

Fix 2: Check Your Email Spam Folder

You can do this one while you wait the allotted time I’ve mentioned above, because it’s also possible that the verification code email was flagged as “spam” and sent to your Spam folder. Be sure to check your Spam folder before retrying to verify again, alternating between it and your inbox. If it doesn’t show up in either location, then you’ll have to re-register and hope for a better outcome the second time around.

It (or when) the verification email finally comes through, be sure to whitelist tag the email with the verification code as “Not Spam” to never have this issue again in the future.

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Fix 3: Change Your Escape From Tarkov Account Password

Another potential solution is to change your password by following these steps:

  1. Go to the official Escape From Tarkov website.
  2. Click the “LOGIN” button in the top-right corner.
  3. Select the “Forgot Your Password?” option.
  4. Enter your e-mail address in the new prompt.
  5. Press “SUBMIT” to confirm.

Doing so can refresh your profile in the BSG systems and trigger another verification email to your account. While it may not work, it’s worth trying if you’ve attempted everything else above without success.

Fix 4: Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus

It’s also possible that your antivirus is filtering unknown e-mail addresses, so be sure to either add the “[email protected]” address to your whitelist or temporarily disable your Windows Defender while you wait for the verification code email. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Press the Start button.
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab.
  3. Select the “Update and Security” feature.
  4. Go to the “Windows Security” tab.
  5. Select the “Virus and Threat Protection” feature.
  6. Go to the “Manage Settings” option.
  7. Set the real-time protection to OFF.

That’s all I can say on how to fix Escape From Tarkov not sending a verification code email. Stay tuned for more EFT tips and tricks articles, including how to fix your EFT profile data not loading, as well as how to increase trader loyalty levels and how to level up fast.

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