How to Fix Jackie Skin Not Unlocking in Fortnite Rocket Racing

If you've reached Gold 1 in Rocket Racing, you might be wondering why you haven't received the quest reward. Here's what we know.

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If you’re grinding out first-place wins to climb the ranks and reach Gold, you might be disappointed when the quest doesn’t complete and the Jackie Skin remains locked. Here’s how to complete the Reach Gold Rank quest in Fortnite Rocket Racing and how to unlock the free skin.

How to Complete the Reach Gold Rank quest in Fortnite Rocket Racing

To encourage players to try the new Rocket Racing game mode, there are three “Try Rocket Racing” quests offering cool rewards, such as the Dieselback Pack. While the first couple, “Play Rocket Racing” and “Play Rocket Racing races,” are self-explanatory, the “Reach Gold Rank” quest has been giving players trouble.

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Many have noted that they reached Gold 1 but still haven’t received the Jackie Skin as a reward and assumed a bug was preventing it from unlocking. However, to complete the quest, you actually need to reach Gold 2 and then complete one race after doing so. So, if Jackie is still locked, then you haven’t met that requirement yet. The only fix is to keep playing. Truthfully, I was also under the impression that Gold 1 would be enough since the in-game quest description isn’t that specific.

The official Rocket Racing Status X account confirmed this. However, the team is planning to lower the requirement to Gold 1 in a future patch. The date for that is currently unknown.

All Ranks in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Similar to Fortnite Battle Royale, you’ll have plenty of ranks to progress through. Here’s a list of all of them:

  • Bronze: I, II, III
  • Silver: I, II, III
  • Gold: I, II, III
  • Platinum: I, II, III
  • Diamond: I, II, III
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Unreal

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Jackie in Fortnite Rocket Racing and complete the quest. If you’ve already reached Gold 1, you’ve probably got your racing skills down already. You’ll get Gold 2 in no time at all. In the event that you run into matchmaking problems, though, head over to our guide on how to the 208 Matchmaking Error. For more, check out our dedicated guides hub right here at GameSkinny.

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