How to Fix the Phasmophobia Halloween Event Not Completing

Not getting your Halloween event rewards in Phasmophobia? Here's how you might be able to sort it out.

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It might be one of the most bug-free games among Steam’s early access titles, but no game is perfect. In this guide we’ll go over how to fix Phasmophobia Halloween Event not completing.

This has been happening even when players see the red skull after tossing all the ingredients into the cauldron for the Halloween event. Whatever the problem is seems to be server-side or a simple bug.

How to Fix the Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween Event Not Completing

The Phasmophobia Halloween event 2023 has been a great time for most of its players, but you may be one of the unlucky few who has not gotten either or both of their event rewards. There’s only one fix to this problem, but it’s certainly do-able.

What Might Be Causing This Bug?

There are two potential causes for the event not granting you its rewards:

  • There could be an issue with your connection to the game’s servers. Even if you’re not seeing rubberbanding or anything of the sort, there could be enough packet loss to cause the event to not count as complete.
  • It might not have registered if you did it on Custom mode.

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How to Get Your Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023 Rewards if You’re Experiencing This Issue

It’s very possible that you’ll have to go through the portion of the event that requires you to toss all the recipe ingredients into the cauldron at Maple Lodge. But before you do all that, try the following:

  • Exit the lobby you’re in and either enter or make a new one, then check your trophy case and badge options.
  • Load into a map and leave like normal (not by choosing to leave in the menu), and then check your trophy case and badge options.
  • Complete the ingredients portion of the event again on Amateur, and then check for your rewards.

If all else fails, head to the official Phasmophobia Discord server for assistance claiming your Halloween event rewards.

Hopefully this is a way to fix the Phasmophobia Halloween event 2023 not granting you its rewards. If you need some help remembering where to pick up all the ingredients, check out my comprehensive guide on the ingredient locations. Consider also checking out our other Phasmophobia guides.

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