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What Are the Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023 Rewards? Answered

Here are the two rewards you're laboring for in the Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween event.

The 2023 Halloween event has been underway a few days now and is planned to run about another week and a half. I’ll go over the two Phasmophobia Halloween event 2023 rewards in case you’re unsure whether you want to do it.

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This year’s event is a two-part effort. First you need to find the nine pumpkins across the same number of maps, then you have to gather the ingredients across the Maple Lodge Campsite map and toss them into a cauldron. My guides on both are pretty ace, and I’m not just saying that because I wrote them!

Be mindful that this guide does have images of both event rewards, in case you want them to be a surprise for when you complete the event.

Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023 Rewards Guide

What Are the Phasmo Halloween 2023 Rewards?

There are two seasonal items you can earn for your efforts this year:

  • A caldron trophy
  • A Halloween ID card

The trophy will sit in your lobby when you host, just like any other trophy in the game. The ID card is the first special ID to be added to the game after the Prestige update.

What Does the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 Trophy Look Like?

The trophy will be found in one of your trophy cases after you’ve found all the pumpkins, then put together all the ingredients on Maple Lodge. Specifically, it’s found in one of the trophy cases that meet in the corner of the lobby.

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It has a translucent red skull glowing above the cauldron, just like the one that appears in the sky after you’ve put together the recipe.

What Does the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 ID Card Look Like?

The ID card consists of the card itself as well as a badge for the card, in case you don’t want to change up your normal card look. It looks very slightly different below since I edited out my name.

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How to Change Your ID Card Look in Phasmo

Sort of seen in the above image, just click the edit button to the top right of your character card to edit your ID card. You can see the ID card theme and special badge options in the above. You can change your ID card even when in multiplayer lobbies.

That’s it for the two Phasmophobia Halloween event 2023 rewards. If you haven’t gotten them yet and want them, wander over to my event guides to help find the pumpkins and gather the ingredients. Past that, maybe check out my ghost cheat sheet or some of our other Phasmophobia guides here on GameSkinny.

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