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Phasmophobia Pumpkin Locations for Halloween 2023 Guide

Phasmophobia's Halloween 2023 event is under way! We'll go over the pumpkin locations for recipe notes in this guide, with pictures.

The Halloween 2023 event is live, and this year’s is more fun than ever. Though, it is a multi-step process. In this guide, we’ll go over all pumpkin locations in Phasmophobia for is year’s event.

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Where Are All Pumpkin Locations in Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 Event?

When you first launch the game with the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 event running, you’re given a rundown of what it entails. Essentially, you need to seek out pumpkins in a portion of the game’s maps to find recipe ingredient notes. Once you have all the ingredient notes, you then have to seek the recipe ingredients out on the Maple Lodge Campsite map and toss them into the event cauldron.

Your reward for all this will be a unique trophy and ID card. Newcomers and Prestiged oldheads alike will want to get their special Halloween event ID cards to show off down the line, since the game doesn’t exactly have a ton of them.

It’s easiest to hunt down all the pumpkins by just turning the difficulty down to Amateur, running to the them and grabbing the notes, then just going back to the van to leave.

Once you have every recipe ingredient note, you’ll need to find the ingredients in Maple Lodge and toss them into the cauldron. Before that, though, let’s get into where to find the pumpkins during the Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween event. The links below will jump you to each event map.

Once you’ve found all pumpkins, follow my guide on where to find all the ingredients in Maple Lodge to finish the event. If you’re unsure whether you want to go through the effort, I’ve also gone over the Phasmophobia Halloween event 2023 rewards.

6 Tanglewood Drive Pumpkin Location

Ever the easiest map, the pumpkin in Tanglewood can be found in the kitchen under the bench in the dining room.

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42 Edgefield Road Pumpkin Location

The Edgefield pumpkin can be found upstairs in the blue bedroom down the hall.

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Head upstairs as soon as you get inside and turn left, then left again to go down the hall. The pumpkin is sitting in the garbage bin next to the desk, ripe for the recipe-plucking.

10 Ridgeview Court Pumpkin Location

You don’t have to go too deep into the house to get this one, but going to the basement is annoying enough.

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This pumpkin’s found on a shelf in the basement, it’s just a bit hidden. I got unlucky on this one, the ghost type was Demon and it hunted after being in there for only a couple minutes.

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Grafton Farmhouse Pumpkin Location

This is one of two pumpkins found outside of the map rather than inside the building. But, the quickest route to it is through the house. Go through the front door, keep going straight through the entryway and living room, then open and go through the back door. You’ll find a pumpkin patch in the backyard, along with the recipe ingredient card you seek.

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13 Willow Street Pumpkin Location

Willow holds the second pumpkin you can find outside the map, and this one’s even faster to find than Grafton’s. Just step into the front yard and turn right to find it just behind the hedges.

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Bleasdale Farmhouse Pumpkin Location

This is the second worst one to get if you don’t know where to look, the first being the prison. Head up into the attic by turning right when you enter the house, then turn left and go all the way down the upstairs hallway. Head up the stairs to your right to get to the attic.

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Take a right once you get up the attic stairs and you’ll find the pumpkin just across from the sofa behind some boxes.

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Camp Woodwind Pumpkin Location

Camp Woodwind’s Halloween event pumpkin is deceptively easy to find, though it’s well hidden. Just head out of the van, open the gate, and turn left. The pumpkin will be right there against the gate.

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Maple Lodge Pumpkin Location

When you exit the van on Maple Lodge during the event, you can see green smoke wafting in the air a bit away. This is the event cauldron, and it’s also where you’ll find this map’s pumpkin. Just leave the van and make a left once inside to reach the caldron and find the pumpkin waiting for you to snatch its recipe card.

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Prison Pumpkin Location

I saved the worst for last, though it’s not that bad.

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Once you enter the prison, walk through the waiting area and go through the doors to the main prison. Veer left and open the first cell-style door, then go through the office door to find the pumpkin on a desk.

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Now that you’ve hunted down all pumpkin locations and their respective recipes notes for the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 event, it’s time to get those ingredients and toss them into the cauldron. You can slide right into my Halloween event guide on ingredients locations to get it done. And maybe check out some of our other Phasmophobia guides here on GameSkinny.

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