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Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 Ingredients Locations at Maple Lodge

Following up on hunting down pumpkins, here are all the ingredients locations for the Phasmo Halloween 2023 event.

This year’s Halloween event is different from last, this time tasking you with finding pumpkins to get the recipe cards to earn a trophy and ID card. In this guide, we’ll go over the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 ingredients locations.

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All Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023 Ingredient Locations

There are nine different sorts of ingredients you’ll need to collect to finish this event up, some requiring that you grab more than one of them. Through this guide, I’ll explain how to get to each of them from the map entrance.

If you haven’t gotten all of the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 recipes notes yet, check out my similar guide on where to find all nine of them. And, if you’re not sure whether you want to bother with all this, you can check out my little guide on what the Phasmo Halloween event 2023 rewards are.

What Do You Do with Halloween 2023 Ingredients After You’ve Found Them?

When you pick up an event ingredient, it’s in your hands just like the tools you use on normal investigations. You’ll need to toss them into the cauldron to make progress towards the event. Don’t worry, no matter how frail they may seem, they won’t break even if tossed onto the ground by accident.

How to Tell When You’re Done with the Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 Event

After you’ve tossed all the Halloween 2023 ingredients into the cauldron, a barrage of ghosts will fly out of it for a few seconds. Afterward, the sky will turn red and reveal a massive skull staring down at you. Just leave in the van and you’ll see the trophy among the rest of your collection, and can change your ID to have the new pumpkin badge.

Death’s Rot Location

What is death’s rot? Well, it’s apples. Rotten apples. From the front gate, immediately turn right and right again to make a U-turn to meet a door with “Storage” written above it.

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Go through the door and look to your left to find a crate with a pumpkin in it, surrounded by rotten apples. You’ll need to grab three apples.

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Eyes of Bear Location

Like another ingredient, eyes of bear can be found not too far away from the cauldron. The following screenshot is from the side of the cauldron nearest the map entrance. Head down this pathway and make a left into the restrooms.

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You’ll find the two eyes of bear in the sink, which you’ll need to grab and toss into the cauldron.

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Jar of Mind Location

When you enter the front gate of Maple Lodge, go straight into the reception building just ahead. You’ll find two Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 ingredients in this office: jar of mind and toe of frog. Jar of mind will be just to the left on the coffee table.

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Bowl of Grins Location

Bowl of grins is gross. It’s a bowl filled with teeth and what appears to be water. Very gross. Getting to it’s a little annoying as well. Head through the two reception offices and out the back door, then make a right just past the first tent. Go straight, but don’t go through the Storage door. Instead, make a left and go forward. Turn right when you see the multi-colored tarp and keep going until you see the stairs into the cabin. You’ll find the key to get in right there on the ground next to the welcome mat.

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As soon as you enter the cabin, you’ll find the bowl of grins right there on the counter looking disgusting.

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Light in the Dark Location

This one could not get any easier. You literally just need a flashlight, so grab one from the van and chuck it into the cauldron. If you’re playing with a full four, you might want to do this Halloween ingredient last.

Love’s Blossom Location

This one’s more on the literal end, since it’s actually a flower. You have to make your way to the cabin to get love’s blossom, but not inside it. Follow the same directions to get to bowl of grins, but instead of going into the cabin, just walk forward a bit more. Turn right just after the green and red tarp to find two skeletons having a good time, as well as love’s blossom between them.

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Sack of Beans Location

This ingredient is about as obtuse as it gets. It’s actually three little bean bags, like the ones you use to waste time in the lobby when waiting for everyone to ready up. They can be found on a table near the cauldron. The screenshot below is taken from the side of the cauldron towards the map entrance.

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The sacks of beans are on a table under the tarp as seen in the following screenshot. I accidentally took this one after grabbing my beanbags, yours will look more populated when you reach it.

Screaming Skull Location

Time to go back through reception! Well, unless you’re already on that side of the map. From the map entrance, go straight through both reception offices to head into the main area of the campsite. Just walk straight until you come across an unlit campfire (though it may have just been out because it’s raining while I’m doing this).

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You should see a dirty skull sitting atop a log where I’ve circled in the screenshot above. You don’t see it there because the ghost actually knocked the skull onto the ground while I was putting this guide together.

Toe of Frog Location

These are some interesting ingredients, that’s for sure. Toe of frog is a frog plushie found in the same reception office as the jar of mind ingredient. You can find the frog on top of the computer tower on the desk, across from where you found the jar of mind. You’ll have to go around the desk to where the chair is to pick it up.

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With everything said and done and new trophy and ID badge in hand, you’ve completed this year’s event! If you found my guide on the Halloween 2023 ingredient locations helpful, consider checking out some of our other Phasmophobia guides.

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