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How to Fix Warcraft Rumble Crashing While Making a Purchase

Crashing is causing players to lose their purchases in Warcraft Rumble. Here's what you can try to potentially get them back.

If you’re looking to get extra Coins, XP, or an Arclight Booster, the store has bundles to speed up the process. However, unexplained crashing is causing many to lose their goodies just after completing their payment. Our guide will cover how to deal with Warcraft Rumble crashing while making a purchase and how to get your bundle items back.

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How to Get Your Bundle Back After Warcraft Rumble Crashes

Whether it’s generic errors or slow loading screens, Warcraft Rumble has seen its fair share of issues. So far, I’ve experienced crashes in PvP, questing through the Campaign, and, unfortunately, buying one of the special offers in the store.

In my case, Warcraft Rumble crashed when I purchased the Savory Starter Pack, so I lost Coins, Tomes, Upgrade Cores, and Arc Energy. The payment went through, but no items were applied to my account.

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Luckily, I was able to get them back. If you’ve purchased any of the limited-time bundles, Coin refills, or special offers, but lost them to a crash, you might be able to retrieve them, too. Here are the steps that worked for me.

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  • Close Out the Game: First, you’ll need to fully exit Warcraft Rumble and allow the app to restart. When you go back in, you should notice that you have more Coins in the top right corner of the screen. That is, if your purchase included them. For me, it took three restarts before the Coins, Cores, and Arc Energy were applied.
  • Select a Tome: If your purchase included Tomes, you need to force Warcraft Rumble‘s leveling pop-up. To do so, I used Coins to purchase a Tome under the Daily Offers section. This took me through the usual process of applying XP to Minis, but afterwards, it triggered the rest of the XP from the bundle.

Submit a Ticket with Blizzard Support

If the above steps don’t work for you, you’ll need to contact Blizzard Support to sort out the issue. This can be done through the app by selecting your character portrait. Then, head to the Settings Tab, where you’ll find a “Help & Support” section.

You can also submit a ticket from the official support website. Even though I got my items back, I still submitted a report. This bug is one of the more frustrating ones in this relatively enjoyable game, so fingers crossed that Blizzard addresses it soon.

What Causes Warcraft Rumble Crashes?

Though it’s not clear what exactly causes these crashes, it’s been affecting enough players that it’s likely due to a lack of optimization rather than a problem with your device. Until a patch comes from Blizzard, we’ll have to sit tight and hope the game stays stable, especially when we’re spending money.

That covers how to get your purchase back after Warcraft Rumble crashes. While you can’t fix the crashing itself, a few restarts can help you retrieve what you bought. If all else fails, contacting support is your best option. For more on the game, such as how to use the red button and the best decks to use, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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