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How to Get a Glider in Palia

Soar the skies with your own glider in Palia.

If you’re looking to explore all the nooks and crannies of Palia by foot, I’m sorry to tell you that it just isn’t possible. Many areas of the world are only accessible by controlling the skies and flying over obstacles. Whether you’re aiming for treasure or delving into ruins, you’ll need something with a bit more lift to get there. Here’s how to get a glider in Palia.

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How to Get a Glider in Palia

To get a glider in Palia, you must complete the Like a Bird quest. You’ll reach it naturally progressing through the main storyline after completing Ancient Battery, the quest to open the ruins near where you first appeared. During that mission, you’ll find that you can’t go further into the ruins because of a chasm. Jina will point you in the direction of Najuma, Hodari’s daughter.

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How to Find Najuma

To find Najuma, head to Bahari Bay. She’ll likely be around her house to the left side of the bay when you load into the area. Alternatively, she could be in the workshop of the small bridge a bit further ahead. She’s an excitable youngster and will be glad to make a glider for you, so long as you provide the components.

How to Craft a Glider in Palia

To make a glider, she’ll need:

  • Sapwood Plank x3
  • Fabric x2
  • Leather x5

Sapwood Planks are made with a Sawmill from the basic level and up. You need one Sapwood log to make a single plank, and it only takes a minute to complete. To build the Basic Sawmill, you need:

  • Sapwood x40
  • Flint x12
  • Plant Fiber x20

Fabric and leather can both be bought at the Furniture store. If you’ve reached Furniture Making Level 2, you’ll have access to the Fabric Loom, which crafts the items you need. To build a Fabric Loom, you’ll need:

  • Sapwood Plan x15
  • Plant Fiber x20
  • Copper Bar x2
  • Ceramic x5

Once built, you can start crafting your items. Fabric requires one piece of cotton and eight minutes to make. Leather needs 1 Sernuk Hide and takes five minutes to craft.

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With components in hand, return to Najuma to have her make your glider. It doesn’t take a long time as the items are more finishing touches than anything else. She’ll hand over the glider, which auto-equips into the glider spot on your character page. That completes the Like a Bird quest.

How to Use the Glider

Now that you have the glider, you can take it for a test run or return to Jina. Using the glider is easy. From the edge of a tall rock, building, or ruin, jump and hold the space bar. That deploys the glider and keeps it open. Use WASD to navigate as you would walking. To stop gliding, let go of the space bar or click it again.

That’s how to get a glider in Palia. Once I got mine, I started scouring for all the missed treasures I couldn’t reach before, as well as explore that ruin for Jina. Check out our other Palia how-tos, including plenty of other tips and tricks for getting started in the cozy MMO.

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