Palia: How to Solve the Ancient Battery Riddle

Stuck on the Ancient Battery riddle? Here's how to complete the quest in Palia.

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One of the main storyline quests in Palia is called Ancient Battery. The mission starts as soon as you begin clearing your plot to place the tent, but the hard part comes when it officially turns into the quest line. To further discover what happened to humans, you need to solve a riddle. Here’s how to complete the Ancient Battery quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Ancient Battery Quest in Palia

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Ancient Battery is a quest in the storyline that begins when you unearth the glowing tube (battery) on your home plot. After Jina returns the tube, you must wait a day or so before things begin in earnest. You’ll receive mail from her stating that a door needs to be opened, and it can be found near where you appeared in the ruins.

Head to the ruins, but stay straight on the path instead of turning right toward the room you materialized in. As long as the battery is in your inventory, you can open the door. Inside is an empty basin and a mural with a riddle.

Ancient Battery Quest Riddle Answer

The riddle reads:

Knowledge grows the mind even in times of strife. To enter here, you must supply that which grows life.

The answer to the riddle lies in the ruin itself. Above the riddle is a wave motif. The description of the basin states it’s dry but rusted at the bottom. Combine these, and you have the answer to the riddle: water.

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To move forward, take your watering can and fill up the basin. That will activate the ruins and open the door. You can go further in, but you need to speak with Jina in the basin room. She wants you to explore the room beyond the door. Unfortunately, you can’t make it very far as a chasm separates you from your quarry. Return to Jina to complete the quest and start a new one to obtain a glider.

That’s how to complete the Ancient Battery quest in Palia. For more quest walkthroughs, skill breakdowns, and more about life in Palia, check out our guides hub.

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