Pokemon GO is celebrating its 1st birthday with this rather snazzy catch!

How to get a Pikachu with an Ash Hat in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is celebrating its 1st birthday with this rather snazzy catch!
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Sometimes it is hard to believe that Pokemon GO is only one year old. It seems like it’s been around forever! I still see plenty of players walking around my local Pokemon hotspots, and the gyms are always changing hands –showing a relatively active player base in the area.

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A while ago, Niantic announced that there would be a series of events, in-game and out, to mark the PGO‘s first anniversary. We’ve already had a week of fire and ice type Pokemon — and in a week’s time, the game’s first live event will take place in Chicago. But this week sees another something special in-game — a hat-wearing Pikachu.

As you can see, I’m talking about a little Pikachu wearing the infamous hat of his beloved Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum. In previous events, we have seen Pikachu wearing Santa hats and little party hats, so it makes sense that there would be a commemorative Pikachu to mark this occasion! So how do you go about catching one? This guide has the answer!

How to Catch a Pikachu Wearing Ash’s Hat in Pokemon GO

The special in-game event that includes this Pikachu started on July 6th and will run until July 24th. That gives you plenty of time to get out there and catch one — but it won’t be around forever.

This Pikachu can only be caught in the wild, so players will see an increased amount of sightings. If you find a Pikachu nest, not all the Pokemon you find in the nest will be wearing the hat, but this does increase your chances of finding one. So if you want one for yourself, you’ll need to hit up those hot spots where you know you’ll find some Pikachu.

If other special Pikachu are anything to go by, evolving this guy will result in a Raichu wearing the hat. So if you are wanting to go for the whole “collection”, you’d best catch 2 of these little guys so that you can keep one in its normal form and one that you can evolve. Previous events also indicate that if you choose to battle using a Ditto, the Pikachu it transforms into will be a normal-looking Pikachu.

This is just one event that is running during Pokemon GO’s first-anniversary celebrations. So you’ll want to check back to GameSkinny for details of other special events going on in-game, as well as the live events that will be happening over the coming months. While you’re here, check out the rest of our Pokemon Go guides for even more tips!

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