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How to Get All Boss Cars in Fortnite

Don't forget to claim your sweet new ride!

Bosses usually have those unique ability medallions and Mythic weapons for us to claim in Fortnite, but this season, they also have sweet Nitro-fueled cars. If you’re looking to hijack one of these vehicles for its insane speed and vigor or simply for your Weekly quest, here are some tips!

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How to Drive or Ride in Boss Vehicles in Fortnite

The three main bosses of the season, Megalo Don, The Machinist, and Ringmaster Scarr, all have special rides they keep locked away at their usual spawn locations. Along with these three cars, there is also the War Bus, fully equipped with an EMP horn and two turrets. Any of these options will count toward your quest and have weapons and abilities greater than any other vehicle. Getting them, however, is no easy feat.

Where to Get All Boss Cars

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map with all boss car named location spots
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Any time the bosses are at the Named Locations: Nitrodrome, Brutal Beachhead, or Redline Rig, their cars will be locked up in an area at that location. The only way you can unlock them and claim them is to defeat the boss. Once you have their medallion, you can approach the locked gate and scan yourself to open it up. A path will pop up leading you to them once you have the medallion, but these are where all the cars are:

  • Ringmaster Scarr’s – In the southern tunnel leading in/out of the arena at Nitrodrome
  • Megalo Don’s – In the garage on the western side of Brutal Beachhead
  • The Machinist’s – At the ground level on the southern side of Redline Rig

War Bus and Convoy Routes

Alternatively, you can find the War Bus and one boss car (usually The Machinist or Megalo Don) driving in a convoy around the map. There is a 50% chance that the convoy will spawn during the match. If the convoy doesn’t spawn, you know that the bosses are at their individual named locations. However, the convoy also makes getting your hands on a boss car a bit easier.

You’ll know the convoy is in the match by opening your map and seeing either The Machinist or Megalo Don’s medallion icon moving around the map. There are only three different routes they can go on, which we have an outline of thanks to @NiteTimeNewz on Twitter.

  • Around Lavish Lair
  • Around Pleasant Piazza
  • From Mount Olympus to Reckless Railways and Grand Glacier

They will drive around the same path until a player stops them. The nice thing about the convoy is, you can actually get a boss car much easier. You don’t have to defeat the boss to claim their car. Usually, when you confront the convoy, the boss will get out of the car, along with all their minions. This leaves the car open and ready to steal. Just run to it, hop in, and drive away. This works for the War Bus as well, but it’s much slower, so be careful that you aren’t caught in the crossfire before you can escape.

These cars are really the way to go for that Victory Royale this season. Not only are they much faster than usual cars, but they come fully modded and with endless Nitro. You’ll be basically unstoppable. Now that you know where and how to get them, head out and claim one for yourself!

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