Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 medallions as loot
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Where to Get All Medallions in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Claim a medallion for a major boost!

Like last season in Fortnite, you can collect extra special medallions that grant you buffs and abilities while you carry them. There are three different medallions, each with its own unique effect, but they won’t come easy. Here’s how to get them and what they can do for you.

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All Medallion Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

These medallions give the players a huge advantage when they are carrying them, which means you can only expect there to be quite the challenge to obtain them. Very similar to the gods of last season, you can only get the medallions from defeating bosses.

Before you decide which boss you are going to target first, you’ll probably want to know what each of their medallions does. Although, you’ll definitely want to try and end up with all three of them anyway.

  • Ringmaster Scarr Medallion: Gives unlimited ammo for all weapons and increased firepower
  • The Machinist Medallion: Continuously restores shield
  • Megalo Don Medallion: Gives unlimited Nitro

The bosses reside at some of Chapter 5, Season 3’s new locations on the map, except the Megalo Don boss, who drives around the match randomly with his modded battle bus. You can also find them by looking for the medallion icons on your map. These are their locations:

  • Ringmaster Scarr – NitroDrome
  • The Machinist – Redline Rig

To find Megalo Don, look for the skull icon on your map when you join a match. It will change every time, and he will keep driving around the map. You’ll want a vehicle of your own to catch up to him.

Now that you know where the bosses are, you can defeat them and collect their medallions.

Note: Your location is exposed while you carry them. If you want to avoid other players coming to you, you may not want to hold onto them for too long.

How to Defeat The Machinist

The Machinist is located at Redline Rig and wanders around the main building on the eastern side. She also has some guards around her that you might want to focus on taking out first. Getting her initial shield now isn’t too difficult. However, after depleting her shields, she will consume Nitro and throw down a turret beside her.

To avoid getting shredded by the turret, lead her away to a lower level in a more secure location or use a shield bubble to protect yourself, forcing her to come toward you. She can replace her turret, so try to take her out before she does so. One of the new weapons, the Boom Bolt, is a great way to destroy her turret and simultaneously damage her. Once you defeat her, she’ll drop you The Machinist’s Assault Rifle, Mythic weapon, and the medallion. This is a great medallion to have for long-game, because it will constantly restore your shield.

How to Defeat Megalo Don

Megalo Don is a bit trickier to get to because his location will change every match. He also continuously drives around, so he’s never in one spot for too long. Like The Machinist, he has some guards with him, but this time, they have some explosive turrets thanks to their modded battle bus. Don’t worry, though; I figured out the best way to defeat them.

It may sound intimidating, but you’ll want to land right on top of the battle bus (or if you can’t land on it from the drop, run over to it and mantle up). Then, take out the back turret guard and take control of the turret. You can use the turret to take out the front turret guard and then begin shooting at Megalo Don’s car in front. He will eventually get out of his car and enter Nitro mode, rushing toward you with his Nitro Fists. Stay calm, though, and continue firing at him with the turret and you’ll beat him easy. Then you can pick up his unlimited Nitro boost medallion and his Mythic Nitro Fists.

How to Defeat Ringmaster Scarr

Ringmaster Scarr takes a bit of extra work to defeat. Unlike the other two bosses, she won’t be present on the map until you summon her. To summon her, you’ll need to hop into the pit of Nitrodrome and drive around the dangerous obstacles until the meter fills. Once it’s filled, she will spawn in her viewing balcony overlooking the pit.

In terms of fighting, she isn’t too difficult to defeat. She uses a Boom Bolt to battle, meaning her shots will be very explosive. Try to keep moving to avoid being caught by one of the bolts, and use a fast-firing weapon to shred her shield down. She will enter Nitro mode when her shield is gone, but she continues firing her Boom Bolt. Once she’s defeated, you can claim her Mythic Boom Bolt and her medallion, which is one of the very best.

A medallion can mean the difference between winning and losing in your match. Although they come with a challenge and the risk of exposing your location, it’s worth it for those powerful buffs. Track down the bosses and try to collect them for yourself!

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