How to Get and Farm Salt in Enshrouded

Here are two locations to farm Salt in Enshrouded.

The player standing before a Salt deposit in Enshrouded
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You get the recipe to make Dried Fur as soon as you unlock the Drying Rack, but you can’t make any until you find Salt. In this guide, I’ll go over how to get and farm Salt in Enshrouded.

How to Get Salt in Enshrouded: Where to Find the Salt and Saline Mines

Dried Fur is the first thing you need Salt for in Enshrouded, but later, you need it to make foods, Nitrate, and Leather. There are two mines you can get Salt from. Both are closer to the southern portion of the map: the Egerton Salt Mines and the Saline Quarry. Both mines are in the Shroud and have plenty of Salt to gather with your pickaxe.

The Enshrouded map with the Egerton Salt Mine and Saline Quarry locations circled
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Enshrouded Salt Farm Location #1: Saline Quarry

The Saline Quarry is southeast of where the game recommends you put your first Flame Altar. Reaching and navigating this Salt location is less dangerous than the Egerton Salt Mines, but there’s less Salt to be had overall. I mine here if I need a few stacks of 50 Salt, but the Egerton Salt Mines is my preferred go-to if I want enough Salt that I don’t need to mine it again for a long time.

The Salt deposits at the Saline Quarry in Enshrouded
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The Salt deposits at the Saline Quarry aren’t hidden in mining shafts as they are in the next Salt farming location. The bulk of the Salt here is atop a small plateau just where the quarry is marked on the map.

Enshrouded Salt Farm Spot #2: Egerton Salt Mines Location

You can find the Egerton Salt Mines just northeast of the Harvest Homestead, on the eastern portion of Enshrouded‘s current map. These mines are more cumbersome to get around than the first Salt farm spot, the Saline Quarry. It’s also more dangerous and harder to navigate. The tradeoff is that there’s far more Salt here.

The player heading up the stairs to the Egerton Salt Mine in Enshrouded
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There are many small bug enemies in the area, and at least one nest. There are also other enemies wandering the chasm. Fight your way between the stairways leading up the sides of this large mining area to find the Salt embedded into the walls of the mining shafts.

The player in front of a large Salt deposit in the Egerton Salt Mines in Enshrouded
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Either of these two spots will do to farm Salt in Enshrouded, but the Egerton Salt Mines have far more Salt for the taking. The Saline Quarry is more than suitable if you’re just getting started and are getting Dried Fur made for armor. Later on, the Egerton Salt Mines should be your primary source of Salt. Check out more of our guides on the game here on GameSkinny, such as how to farm Water and how to make Wood Planks.

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