How to Make Wood Planks in Enshrouded: Table Saw for the Carpenter Location

How to get the Circular Sawblades for the Carpenter and make Wood Planks in Enshrouded.

The Table Saw making Wood Planks in Enshrouded
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Wood Planks are the next step up from Wood Logs and are a necessary crafting component for middle and high-tier crafting projects. In this guide, I’ll go over how to complete Table Saw for the Carpenter and make Wood Planks in Enshrouded.

How to Get the Table Saw and Make Wood Planks in Enshrouded

Your very first step to making Wood Planks is unlocking the Carpenter, which opens a long list of new furniture crafting options. On the map below, I’ve marked the Carpenter location in Enshrouded. You find it well southeast of your starting location. The Carpenter Vault requires a trip through the Shroud and is easier to complete than the Alchemist Vault.

A map of the Carpenter Vault location in Enshrouded
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After you release the Carpenter from his pod and place him in a base, you receive a quest titled “Table Saw for the Carpenter.” In it, you must retrieve a Circular Sawblade from a Scavenger encampment. This quest is the real hurdle to Wood Planks, as it sends you to an area with some very aggressive enemies ranging from Level 11 to Level 13.

How to Complete Table Saw for the Carpenter in Enshrouded

Reaching this quest from where you started Enshrouded is no easy task if you’re rushing to unlock Wood Planks. I started from the west, but it’s also possible to reach the quest area from the south with some clever mountain hopping and glider usage.

Coming from the forest in the west, veer off the road and look for a cave along the rocky cliffs. The cave should only have some Level 11 boars to deal with, so this portion isn’t very difficult.

The location of the cave on the way to the Saw Blade for the Carpenter quest in Enshrouded
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The Scavengers leading up to and in the Fawnsong Frontier for Table Saw for the Carpenter are dangerous. The ones with the acid cleavers are particularly quick, and do a great deal of damage. It’s possible to go around Thornhold, the ravaged village in this area that leads to the Fawnsong Frontier. I cleared it out for the loot and to avoid mishaps if I needed to make a corpse run after picking up the Circular Sawblades.

Inside the Fawnsong Frontier camp, look for the glow of the Circular Sawblades on one of the Savengers’ workbenches outside. You can run up and grab the quest item and leave, should you choose to. If you’re feeling confident, you can fight the nearby Scavenger Matron and get some loot. In any case, obtaining the Circular Sawblades completes the Table Saw for the Carpenter quest, and unlocks the Table Saw to make Wood Planks.

The location of the Circular Sawblades in Enshrouded
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How to Make Wood Planks in Enshrouded

With your Circular Sawblades in tow, speak with the Carpenter to craft a Table Saw. To make a Table Saw, you only need x8 Wood Logs, x10 Nails, and the Circular Sawblades. Now it’s time to make Wood Planks and elevate your crafting opportunities.

The Table Saw is a passive workstation, meaning you don’t have to manually craft using it. Instead, the Table Saw crafts x2 Wood Planks using x1 Wood Log; and it only takes one minute each time it processes. The fast processing time is a huge relief, considering how many Wood Planks we actually need.

And that’s it for how to complete Table Saw for the Carpenter and make Wood Planks in Enshrouded. It’s a long road, but everything worthwhile in life takes effort. Check out more of our guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to farm Water or how to make Explosive Arrows.

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