The Alchemist in his house in Enshrouded
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How to Find the Alchemist in Enshrouded

Want to unlock easy heals in Enshrouded? You need to find the Alchemist. Here's where he is.

To progress efficiently in Enshrouded, you must find craftspeople to help you craft things. These survivors are hidden across Embervale, and most are as easy to find as the Blacksmith. Here, I’ll tell you how to find the Alchemist, who provides health potions and magic items.

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Where to Find the Alchemist Craftsperson in Enshrouded

The Alchemist survivor is northwest of the starting area in an Ancient Vault. They’re west/northwest of the Blacksmith’s vault location, northwest of Woodgard. However, there are a few things you must do before you can reach them.

Map location of the Alchemist in Enshrouded
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Reach character Level 3. While it’s not strictly necessary, all the enemies on the way to the Alchemist’s location are Level 3. Health and damage scaling in Enshrouded is wild. I prefer being at the same level as they are. It makes everything much easier.

Complete the Elixir Well quest from the Blacksmith. While you can reach the Alchemist’s location prior to completing the Elixir Well in Enshrouded, I recommend following the questline at least that far to unlock both the Alchemist quest and gather upgrade materials (and a nice weapon if the boss of the area always drops the axe I got). The first Elixir Well is also a Level 3 encounter.

Craft the Grappling Hook and Glider. You need both traversal items to make it past the barricades leading north. They also let you cross the gorge leading west more easily. Without having to traverse the Shroud below.

The gliding path to the Alchemist in Enshrouded
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Complete the Ancient Spire — Springlands. The Spire, which you can see shortly after you reach the Springlands north of the starting area, is a short series of platforming puzzles leading to the top of the tower. Complete the Spire so you can glide over the gorge to the western part of the map.

From the top of the tower, jump west and glide down into the ruined buildings, the Harvest Homestead. You can explore the ruins here and Woodgard slightly to their west or pass through both. Go up the pass until you see a small set of fortifications and a few enemies wandering about.

The huamnoid fortifications in front of the Alchemist's location in Enshrouded
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The enemies here guard the Alchemist. Like the humanoids you face in the wild, they drop Metal Scraps but are a tougher to deal with than the Fell zombies and animals elsewhere in Enshrouded. Once their dealt with, head into the keep at the back of the area and up the stairs until you reach a red-lit, smokey room with more enemies.

A room in the Alchemist's tower with enemies in Enshrouded
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Clear those enemies and head up more stairs. You’ll reach a room with several brass-colored pods in it. Two more enemies guarding the Alchemist’s pod. Deal with them, free the Alchemist, then head back to camp. Use your Summoning Staff to place him in a house like the one you made for the Blacksmith, and you can finally add the Alchemist as a craftsperson at your base.

With the Alchemist so recruited, you can now craft Healing Potions and other magically-inclined items. For more tips about Enshrouded, check out our guides hub.

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