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How to Get and Farm Water in Enshrouded

Water is a valuable resource with limited ways to obtain it in Enshrouded.

Finding Water can be a difficult but necessary endeavor as you build out your base and explore the Shroud and surrounding areas. Not only does it boost stamina when you drink it, but it’s also used in a number of recipes. Here’s how to get and farm Water in Enshrouded.

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Where to Find Water in Enshrouded

Water is a precious resource in Enshrouded, considering all of the game’s former lakes and rivers have turned putrid. There are three main ways to obtain Water: corpses, wells (not Shroud Wells), and random world drops.

The most common way I found Water in Enshrouded‘s early game was by searching ruins, scouring towns, and looting enemies. Since I only drank it for Stamina gains, having a large amount of Water wasn’t a priority.

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Water Sources and Where to Find Water Wells

Water can be found inside jars, barrels, vases, and other containers. Smash them with your weapon or a felling axe. I do this with everything when I clear through an area, and it often results in double the resources I would normally obtain. Remember, though: items inside jars, barrels, vases, and containers are generated randomly. You won’t always find Water.

While finding water as loot is the easiest way to get it, it’s not the most consistent. There are many towns and cities with Water Wells that you should visit every time they respawn. You can get 8-10 units of Water at a time from a single Water Well if you can scoop from it twice.

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How to Farm Water in Enshrouded

Once you unlock the Alchemist and Farmer, your Water consumption significantly increases. Water is used to craft potions of all uses, and a single visit to either NPC has left me with only several units remaining. Thankfully, there are easier ways to obtain Water.

Visiting multiple Water Wells can be time-consuming, especially if they’re not located near a Spire or one of your bases. Instead, the best way to farm Water in Enshrouded is to craft and place a Well in your base.

Water Farming Method #1: How to Build a Water Well

The Water Well recipe is unlocked when you obtain the Masonry Tools for the Carpenter, then speak to him afterward. You can construct a Water Well with x20 Linen, x100 Stone, and x1 Wooden Bucket.

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Toward the endgame, you’ll have access to the Improved Water Well. Build it with x20 Linen, x100 Sandstone, x1 Wooden Bucket, and x2 Iron Bars. The benefit of this well is you can scoop from it three times, and it consistently gives you x15 Water.

Water Farming Method #2: Infinite Water Glitch

Enshrouded also has a Water Well glitch you can take advantage of. You can find a Water Well at Longkeep near your first Flame Altar base or one elsewhere (it doesn’t work in your base). Scoop out all the water you can. I make sure to scoop Water several times to ensure I have plenty.

Then log out back to the main menu. Log in to your world again, and the Water should be replenished. Repeat this process until you have as much of the resource as you want. You can do this with any Wells you find, as long as they’re not within the boundary of your base.

What is Water Used for in Enshrouded?

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There are numerous uses for Water in Enshrouded. Initially, it’s only a consumable used to increase your max Endurance and Stamina for a period of 10 minutes. But it’s also used to craft these different items:

  • Health Potion
  • Greater Health Potion
  • Eternal Ice Bolt
  • Ice Bolt
  • Meat Wrap
  • Chicken Soup
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Vegetable Puree
  • Spiced Tea
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Glow Soup
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Flat Bread
  • Alchemical Base
  • Bell Pepper Seedling
  • Tomato Seedling
  • Wheat Seedling
  • Corn Seedling
  • Strawberry Seedling
  • Evergreen Tree Seedling
  • Broadleaf Tree Sapling
  • Berry Bush Seedling
  • Grapple Plant Seedling
  • Sage Seedling
  • Aureolin Flower Seedling
  • Aloe Seedling
  • Flax Seedling
  • Indigo Seedling
  • Saffron Seedling
  • Rooibos Seedling
  • Chamomile Seedling
  • Sugarcane Seedling
  • Honey
  • Wax

That’s how to get and farm Water in Enshrouded, along with its various uses. For Water Well locations, how to find other resources, or the build skills to take, head to our guides hub.

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