Wondering how to get and open drops in Splitgate? Here's every way to get them in the beta so far.

How to Get and Open Drops in Splitgate

Wondering how to get and open drops in Splitgate? Here's every way to get them in the beta so far.

Getting drops in Splitgate is easier than you might think, though it does take some time and effort and may leave you wondering how. Splitgate has four different ways to earn drops, but the beta puts a hard cap on one of them. On top of that, the process to open drops is easy, but also a bit nebulous considering the relatively cluttered main screen.

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Fortunately, the two most efficient methods for getting drops are things you’re probably doing with the game anyway, so you’ll soon have more drops than you can handle. These are all the current ways to get drops in Splitgate, as well as how to open them.

Weekly Challenges

A soldier wearing armor like Master Chief pulls a lever to drop a loot ball.

Completing weekly challenges mostly rewards you with experience, though you will sometimes get a drop for your trouble. At the very least, earning the hefty experience bonus these challenges offer is a fast way to raising your level, which also gets you more drops.

Daily Log-in

Logging into the game once per day earns you several rewards, and the fourth consecutive login is a free drop. Seven consecutive logins gets you Splitcoins you can purchase a drop with, and then the cycle starts again.

Level Up

You receive one drop every time you level up, which is great! Except the Splitgate beta caps your level out at 10. This is the easiest way to get drops through normal gameplay or grinding, but it’s not a method that’ll last for long.

Arena Pass

The Splitgate Arena Pass also rewards you with drops, but only four every four tiers you level up. The Arena Pass drops max out at Tier 12, so you won’t be getting too many from this method.

How to Open Drops

From the main screen, look in the bottom left-hand corner. You’ll see “Play” at the bottom and “Reward Center” just above that. Press the requisite button on your platform, and scroll down to “Drops” on the next screen. 

Press the requisite button on your platform, which you’ll see to the bottom right of the drop orb in the center of the screen. Then “Initiate Drop” on the screen. You’ll then be prompted to “Open Drop” shortly after the animation begins. And that’s it!

That’s all you need to know about how to get drops in Splitgate, but make sure to check out our other Splitgate guides for more tips and tricks, including how to get portal kills.

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