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How to Get April Fools Clown Decoration for your Discord Profile

Just a prank bro!

April Fools brings out fun within the gaming community in the form of various trolling attempts by developers, journalists, and content creators. This time around, Discord has given us free loot boxes that give you a limited April Fools’ Clown Decoration for your profile.

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How to Unlock Clown Decoration for Your Discord Profile

You can unlock the Clown Decoration for your Discord profile by opening all nine collectible items from the April Fools lootbox collection on April 1, 2024. You can start opening the boxes on the desktop application by going into settings. Then, you need to check out the “Loot Boxes” section in the list of settings.

Discord has announced this on its YouTube, and, completely accidentally, view botted their video to over 600 million views, which is more than absurd.

What are the Nine Collectible Items in Discord’s April Fools Lootbox?

The nine items you can get are, in order:

  • Buster Blade (probably a reference to Final Fantasy, or even Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Cute Plushie (it’s just a cute!)
  • Wump Shell (probably a reference to Mario Kart games)
  • Speed Boost (probably a reference to Sonic, given how similar the shoes are)
  • →↑↓→↑↓ (probably a reference to Zelda)
  • Power Helmet (probably a reference to Metroid)
  • Quack!! (it’s a cute duck!)
  • OHHHHH BANANA (probably a reference to Donkey Kong if I had to guess)
  • Dream Hammer (probably a reference to Kirby, however they can’t make it that similar due to copyright)

It took me 24 rolls to get all of the items, which perfectly showcases how lootboxes are something that should be done away with in today’s gaming.

Can You Still Claim the April Fools Reward on Discord After April 1, 2024?

Sadly, these rewards are limited to April 1, 2024. I have tried to change my date to April 1 manually on my PC, but the verification for these rewards is only server-side. There are, therefore, no options for any sort of manipulation.

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