How to Get Bees in Outpath

You'll need bees for advancement and important recipes in Outpath.

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You’ll come across various critters and creatures as you progress through Outpath. Bees, though, are some of the most important. Needed for recipes later in the game, they can also improve your odds at fishing. However, finding these little buzzers can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Here’s how to get bees in Outpath.

Outpath: How to Get Bees

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Oddly enough, you won’t find bees buzzing around your flowers. I discovered that Bees can only be found in the Amberpath biome. Additionally, you’ll need the right tools to catch one. Follow these steps to get them:

  • Complete the first biome Monolith.
    • Unlock Amberpath.
      • x3 Leather.
      • x3 Spark Fly.
      • x150 Wood.
      • x15 Copper Ingot.
  • Craft a Bug Net at the Spinning Wheel.
    • x3 Thread.
    • x12 Flower.
    • x1 Copper Ingot.
  • Go to the Amberpath biome.
  • Equip Bug Net from inventory.
    • Tab > Tools > RMB.
  • Approach a Bee and click it until it registers as caught.
    • Bees spawn randomly.

I’ve found it takes a few tries to catch a bee. It will fly away from you after your first attempt, so be sure to be quick on your feet. Otherwise, catching them is as easy as it gets. You’ll only find a couple of bees at a time on Amberpath. Thankfully, as you expand the biome, more will appear.

How to Get Honey

You’ll need honey for advanced recipes in Outpath. Notably, you’ll need it to complete the second Amberpath monolith and unlock more biomes. Unfortunately, you won’t be told how to collect honey, and you’ll need an additional piece of equipment to harvest it. Here’s what to do:

  • Research the Beehive at the Research Table.
  • Craft a Beehive from your crafting book.
    • Q > Farming > Production.
    • x50 Wood.
    • x2 Bee.
    • x5 Brick.

Well, that does it for how to get Bees in Outpath. We’ve got more tips and tricks coming your way. For more tips and tricks, including our how-to-fish guide, bookmark our larger Outpath guides hub.

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