Mining ores in Soulmask
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How to Get Clay, Copper, Iron, and Tin in Soulmask

You'll need these precious rocks. Here's how to get them!

Ores, which are eventually turned into Ingots, are some of the most important materials to have in Soulmask. You will need them to craft different gear for your character and essential items to have at your camp, like saddles for your mount. Here’s where and how to mine some ores.

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Soulmask Complete Mining Guide — How to Get Ore

You can find a lot of materials just by roaming around the wilderness. You may even come across some mining spots. However, for those beginner players, they can be the most challenging items to harvest. But, don’t worry, we have a full map of all the nearby mining spots and we’ll give the tips you need to know to become a mining pro.

How to Make a Pickaxe

The first step, before heading out to a mining pit is to make the right tool for the job. You’ll need a pickaxe to break any ore deposits and collect the goods for them. You can make the basic Stone Pickaxe right away, directly through your inventory menu. For the other upgrade pickaxes, you’ll need to unlock their tech in your Knowledge & Technology menu. Then, you’ll need to make a Craftsman’s Bench.

To make a Craftsman’s Bench, you’ll need Rough Leather x5, Leather Rope x5, Hardwood Planks x5, and either Flint or Stone x24.

Place the bench anywhere at your camp, and you can start crafting some better gear as long as you have the right materials and tech. Here’s how to make all of them:

Stone PickaxeStone x3
Branch x1
Beast Bone PickaxeBeast Bone x2
Wooden Handle x1
Bronze PickaxeBronze Ingot x5
Leather x2
Hardwood Handle x1
Iron PickaxeIron Ingot x5
Premium Leather x2
Premium Hardwood Handle x1
Steel PickaxeSteel Ingot x5
Delicate Leather x2
Premium Hardwood Handle x1

Now that you have the right tool, you can start tracking down some mining spots.

All Mining Pit Locations

There is no shortage of mining spots to visit. However, you’re completely on your own to find them since your map will begin as a blank, foggy slate. Once you come across one, it will pop up as discovered on your map. Each mining pit can have different types of ore there.

Here’s a complete overview of all the mining spots on the map, thanks to this interactive map by DaOpa.

There are mining pits spread out over the biomes of the map. If you’re still in the starting isle, you’ll want to head to the western coast to find them. Otherwise, cross over to the other isles, and you’ll find them in more abundance. Some of them are even at Barbarian camps.

If you’re still having trouble getting the ores you want, we have some more tips for you on the four basic ores:


Clay has been the easiest of the ores to find for me, and I was able to get plenty of it early on, directly from the starting isle. You’ll usually find it anywhere along a body of water.

Soulmask mine Clay deposits near water
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Head to the closet body of water (besides the beach); there is a stretch right in the center of the starter isle. You’ll spot some reddish muddy rocks around the sides of the water or occasionally within it. You can use your pickaxe to break it and collect several pieces of Clay.


Tin is also found fairly easily around the world. In fact, I’ve come across some just by chance by breaking random rocks. However, the best place to stock up on them would be right on the western side of the starter isle. Right along the coast where the River Valley Scout is.

You use the scouts nearby to gain intelligence, showing you exactly where to go for the mining spots. Then, use your Life Perception to outline them as you get in range. I found some within a small cave of Barbarians. It’s a much more jagged, grayish rock with some brown spots.


Copper is an ore that you’ll need for a lot of different crafting goods. If you can’t seem to come across it naturally, there is one place in particular where I was able to stock up on it: The Barbarian Claw Tribe camp just southwest of the Ancient Pyramid.

From this big camp, head right, and they have a whole mine set up outside their camp. These deposits have a bunch of copper to mine. However, be careful getting it because there are a lot of higher-level Barbarians guarding it.


Getting Iron early game is a completely different story. Instead of finding it as a deposit like the others, you will want to grind the materials to craft it on Blast Furnace. The best way to do that is to uncover some Mechanical dungeons deep within the Barbarian Barracks.

The best barracks to go to early game is just northwest of the starter isle. It is a Claw Tribe barracks with a full copper mine pit. However, you’ll want to go all the way through it until you find a temple area full of mechanical robot enemies. You can defeat the robots to collect metal pieces used to craft Iron. You’ll also be able to pick up some coal here, which you’ll need as well.

You can occasionally get lucky while mining and gather other ores in a deposit. For example, I was able to find some Silver Ore while mining Copper. As your mining proficiency goes up, you’ll gather more ore each time. You’ll want to stock up as much as you can.

How to Make Ingots

Once you have ores, you can make them into ingots, which is how you’ll want them most of the time. To do this, you’ll need to unlock the Smelting Technique in the Advancement of Bronze section of your Knowledge & Technology menu.

With a Furnace, you’ll be able to smelt the basic ingots from your ores. You can make the Furnace with the following materials:

  • Stone x95
  • Ceramic Mold x5
  • Clay x49

Then, interact with your Furnace to make the ingots using your ore and other required materials. Here’s how to make them all:

Copper IngotCopper Ore x2
Tin IngotTin Ore x2
Bronze IngotCopper Ingot x2
Tin Ingot x1
Silver IngotSilver Ore x2 or Silver Trinket x2
Gold IngotGold Ore x2 or Gold Trinket x2

Once you have ingots, you’ll be all set to craft other things like gear, weapons, and more. There are also some other items you can use ores for besides ingots, so always be sure to save a few to the side.

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