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How to Get a Mount in Soulmask (& Ride Them)

Ride like the wind!

You can capture and tame several different types of animals in Soulmask, but only a few can be used as mounts. These mounts allow you to get around the map much faster on their very backs. Here’s how you can get some mountable animals and ride them!

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How to Get Animal Mounts in Soulmask

There are only a few animals that you can actually use for mounts. Obviously, they have to be animals that are big enough for you to ride on. Unlike other breeding animals, most of them you won’t have to catch in a trap. Instead, you can wander right up to them and capture them by hand. However, they will have to be baby animals. Once they’re fully grown, you won’t be able to capture them.

How to Capture Mount Animals

Approach the baby animal, and you’ll see a prompt to “Capture.” Press E to pick it up, and you can safely carry it back to your camp. You can put it back down without worrying about losing it. As soon you pick it up to capture, it’s yours, and you’ll see it marked on the map.

These are the animals you can capture for mounts:

  • Alpaca
  • Llama
  • Panther
  • Ostrich
  • Snow Leopard

If you’re looking to catch some animals to use as mounts in the wild, you can make a trap. Like other animals like Turkeys and Monkeys, you can set up the trap and wait for them to be caught by placing bait (ensure you’re placing the right bait for the animal you want). You’ll need a Medium Trap to catch them. You can make one with the following materials in a Building Workshop:

  • Hardwood x15
  • Plank x5
  • Thatch x20
  • Thick Rope x5

You can find these animals in the wild, but hunting them down will be a lot more complicated and require a lot more patience. Sometimes the best way to start capturing them is to venture to the Barbarian camps, where some will be kept in cages.

The Alpacas are a great first mount, and you can find one that is not too far from the starting area. Find the Ancient Pyramid on your map and then move off slightly to the southwest. You’ll see a sign for a Barbarian Barracks of the Claw Tribe. You can find baby Alpacas on the western side of the camp.

How to Ride on Mount Animals

After you’ve captured a baby mount animal, you can bring it back to your camp. From there, you’ll have to raise it into an adult. When you hover over the animal, you’ll be able to see its development status.

It will progressively grow over time. In the meantime, make sure you’re feeding it and hydrating it by placing down a Feed Trough and Water Trough made in a Building Workshop. Feed the animals the same type of food you used as bait, or make specific Feed for them on a Cooking Station.

How to Make a Saddle

Once the animal is adult, you can actually start using it as a mount, but you’ll need a saddle. You can unlock the crafting recipes for all the saddles within the Knowledge & Technology menu. In the Leather Gear category under Dawn of the New Tribe. You’ll need some Tech Points (received for leveling up Awareness Strength) to unlock the Armor Forging Table and Saddlecraft.

You can make the Armor Forging Table on a Building Workshop with Plank x20, Leather x10, and Thin Rope x10. Then, place it at your camp to start crafting some saddles. Here’s all the different types you can make and what materials you’ll need:

Soulmask Armor Forging Table to craft saddles
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Alpaca SaddleLeather x15
Leather Rope x10
Coarse Cotton x10
Llama SaddleLeather x20
Leather Rope x10
Coarse Cotton x15
Thin Rope x10
Panther SaddleLeather x20
Leather Rope x10
Fine Cotton x10
Bronze Ingot x5
Ostrich SaddlePremium Leather x20
Fine Cotton x15
Cotton Rope x10
Iron Ingot x5
Snow Leopard SaddleDelicate Leather x20
Smooth Cloth x15
Cotton Rope x10
Steel Ingot x5

Now that you have a saddle for your animal, approach it and open its inventory by holding E on it. Then, drag the saddle over to the open slot beside its inventory. This will equip it and allow you to ride by hovering over it and pressing E.

Once the animal is officially a mount, you can call it over to you as you like and use it to get around the map much faster. However, you’ll still need to take good care of it, feeding and hydrating it. Plus, it should be defended from any enemies nearby since they can still get hurt.

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