How to Get Distant Friends in Into the Breach

Learn how to get the Distant Friends achievement with the help of this quick guide to Into the Breach.

Learn how to get the Distant Friends achievement with the help of this quick guide to Into the Breach.

If you are an achievement hunter, you probably can’t wrap your head around the Distant Friends achievement in Into the Breach. No wonder, it is really hard to get if you’re not paying attention to small details.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this case, too. Just follow the quick guide below for all the info you need to be able to retrieve the special pod with the Distant Friends achievement.

Distant Friends Achievement Tips and Tricks

You earn the Distant Friends achievement by opening the special FTL pod in Into The Breach. FTL (Faster Than Light) is the previous game developed by Subset Games — the creator of Into The Breach.

All you need to do is to carefully check every mountain on different zones, including water and ice ones. Specifically look out for mounts with cracks in them. There should be a very slight yellow glow inside of them (see the screenshot above).

This glow indicates that there is a beacon inside, which must be protected. When you see such a glow, you need to use your mechs to destroy the mountain.

This also means that you ought to bring some really powerful mechs with a lot of damage. Mounts are not easy to break, especially if you’re playing on hard difficulty. Mechs with AOE are probably the best in this case.

When you finally manage to break a mount, you will notice a beacon on the same square as the mount — go ahead and move towards it. Very soon an FTL pod will arrive, and it will be ready to be recovered.

As soon as you open the pod, you will earn your long-awaited Distant Friends achievement.

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