How to Get Fiddlehead Fern in Stardew Valley

These are the locations and uses of Fiddlehead Fern in Stardew Valley.

These are the locations and uses of Fiddlehead Fern in Stardew Valley.

Fiddlehead Ferns are categorized as both vegetable and foraged items which can be hard to find for the players starting out in Stardew Valley. However, they are required for completing multiple community center bundles.

There are a few locations where you can find Fiddlehead Fern in Stardew Valley. In this guide, we will be finding out how to use them and where to find these.

Stardew Valley: Fiddlehead Fern Uses

Fiddlehead fern risotto recipe.

There are three ways to use the Fiddlehead Fern :

  1. It can be used to make green overalls using a sewing machine.
  2. It is required for the Chef’s Bundle in the community center when using the normal bundle pack. The second usage is the Wild Medicine Bundle which is only available through the remixed bundle pack.
  3. It can also be used as a recipe for Fiddlehead Risotto which requires one Garlic, one Oil, and one Fiddlehead Fern.

You can place them in a keg, and turn them into juice which might sell around 200 gold.

They can be either be sold or pickled once found, but the prices are not very exciting compared to all the hard work.

Fiddlehead Fern Locations


Ginger Islbanana shrine and fiddlehead fern.

After you know how well they can be used, there are four locations to find them. 

Ginger Island Jungle

After you have unlocked Ginger Island, you will be able to find fiddlehead ferns in the jungle area. They can be found as a forage item on the ground, along with clumps of weeds. 

Traveling Merchant

You can buy them from the traveling merchant who appears in the north part of the Cindersap Forest. He usually sells one Fiddlehead fern for 300-1000 gold.

Secret Woods in Summer

The Secret Woods always offer some unique items, and the Fiddlehead Fern is indeed among them. At least in the Summer.

Skull Cavern

They are located in the Calico Desert and you can find Fiddlehead Ferns in the Prehistoric floors of the Skull Cavern. These floors contain Pepper Rex, Mutant Flies, and Iridium Bats. 

That it for how to find Fiddlehead Fern in Stardew Valley. Check out our other Stardew Valley guides here on GameSkinny.

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